Dual Olympic athlete Caroline Buchanan shares her quarantine-friendly mental and physical exercise tips

'Yoga is something I would use as part of a wider toolbox of calming and recovery techniques'

By Jess Arrowsmith • 4 months ago • HEALTH & FITNESS

If you haven’t heard her name before, you’re about to add her on Instagram and totally fangirl over her. Why? Well, for starters, Caroline Buchanan is the 29-year-old Australian cyclist who has won eight world championships in both BMX and mountain biking and represented Australia at both the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics in the women’s BMX event.

But beyond her impressive sporting resume, Caroline has overcome life-changing and- threatening hurdles, bouncing back with an unmatched ‘can do’ attitude.

Making her grand return from an almost life-ending accident three years ago, Caroline has endured internal organ punctures, collapses and internal bleeding, three years of constant pain, 13 surgeries, two unsuccessful sternum reconstruction surgeries and has had to adapt to new metal and handwear in her chest.

And, you guessed it: nothing is holding her back.

Following the news of the Olympics being postponed until 2021, we had a chat with Caroline to find out all her quarantine-friendly hacks that we’re certain you’re about to pocket. But don’t take our word for it, take it directly from the source herself who is currently stuck in quarantine and making every second of it count. Keep reading for the full interview below:

On how Caroline has changed her health and fitness routine since arriving back from LA and being placed in quarantine for 14 days, she shares: ‘The pace and adrenalin routine has slowed down, however, my structure, focus and mindset have remained the same. ‘

Sharing some very useful tips, she adds: ‘Whilst I was on the Qantas plane returning to Australia and we had the news thrown on all the passengers we would need to self isolate for 14 days. I right away wrote out a daily checklist of a mix of training, business organizing, and phone calls to friends to check-in during this time.’

When discussing mental health and how she’s keeping herself in a positive, strong mindset, Caroline says: ‘I set up a call right away 2 days into the isolation period with my NLP/ EFT psychologist. This was crucial to instantly step out of any limiting belief fear emotions.’

Adding: ‘Having time to go within and have more self-care has been refreshing. I am certainly one to never stop and enjoy a fast pace life on the edge so this forced self-love reset has been a blessing in disguise.’

Interestingly, while Caroline’s extreme sporting career may have you thinking otherwise, she’s developed a fondness for yoga and has made it an integral part of her fitness routine, especially now.

‘Yoga is something I would use as part of a wider toolbox of calming and recovery techniques in a normal training and life environment. Being a power-based sprint athlete and also coming off many past injuries my body holds a lot more tension and stiffness that It used to,’ shes explains.

Continuing, Caroline adds: ‘Adapting to my new body before this isolation has been a really big help in handling any challenge or diversion in a plan. Yoga helps mental flexibility and adapting to the flow of life. With this isolation challenge, I naturally set an athlete challenge and goal to do 14 days of Yoga. I am no yoga expert so I enjoy following “yoga with Adriene” on youtube.’

And we’re certain you’re all waiting to hear her tips for keeping fit and healthy without access to the gym or equipment. On this, Caroline shares: ‘Set a plan and send it to someone so you can stay accountable and they can help remind you. Be creative and use your resources. We are all so lucky with social media now we are a touch of a button away from instant motivation and guidance.

As a simple hack, she adds: ‘Just type into Instagram #HOMEWORKOUTS right now and you will have all the tools at your fingertips.’



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