Tiffiny Hall shares her healthy hacks and ‘day on a plate’

Whip up some of these quarantine-friendly meals!

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If there’s one thing we’re certain of, it’s that Tiffiny Hall is mega goals in the way of fitspo. From her killer workout routines to her must-have active looks and all-round positive energy, the TIFFXO founder knows a thing or two about leading a healthy lifestyle.

While managing to keep super fit, being a full-time mum and fitfluencer all at the same time, we’re utterly impressed Tiff manages to eat a well-rounded and balanced diet.


It’s no secret I love coffee (I’m a Melburnian after all). I have an espresso with breakfast and always before training – at 5:30am! (I always work out before my son Arnie wakes up). I also find a great morning workout gives me that awesome post-exercise satisfaction for the rest of the day. This is the best defense against sugary cravings and hunger. It’s also smarter to eat bigger meals earlier in the day so you don’t eat most of your calories in the dark.

To complement my morning coffee, I also start my day with toast. But I make my own toppings at the beginning of the week so I’m prepped and ready to go. Right now I can’t get enough of my Pea & Whipped Feta on Toast. This cafe-style recipe is so tasty and satisfying.


I’m a huge believer in eating regular meals and snacks. Let’s be honest, I love snacks! Smart snacking helps protect us against cravings and overeating.

Personally, I don’t believe in fasting. While it may help some people reach their goals, I haven’t seen great benefits and it isn’t sustainable for me long term. I’m all about setting realistic eating patterns that establish a healthy relationship with food as well as fuel me properly for my workouts.

Mid-morning I’ll make a protein bowl (and maybe another coffee). My fave spring combo consists of coconut yoghurt mixed with protein powder, a handful of fresh blueberries, walnuts and flax seeds. This bowl is protein-rich and fuels my body and muscles – plus, it keeps me energised during TIFFXO shoots.

There’s also a burst of antioxidants from the berries for immunity and lots of calcium to help prevent injury. I sometimes sprinkle cinnamon on top to get a little extra sweetness without adding sugar.


If I’m at home, I’ll cook a fresh piece of fish and have it with a simple salad, maybe with a little bit of rice or beans. I like to eat light at lunchtime. I love eating fish because it’s high in protein and it’s great for the brain – it helps me to think clearly throughout the day.

If I’m at work, I’ll take in a pre-prepped chicken salad or some leftovers from dinner. This is usually something from the slow cooker or a traybake.

I’m also all about the food prep. Being a busy working mum, it’s the only way I can make sure my body is getting the energy and nutrients it needs.

If you’re stuck for lunch inspiration, I love these eight easy lunchtime recipes.


Snacking the right way can help you avoid cravings – but many of us confuse hunger with thirst. In fact, the signal for thirst/hunger comes from the same part of the brain, so you may just be thirsty.

My number one tip for clients who can’t kick cravings is to up their water intake. As soon as a craving hits, drink water and then wait 15 minutes. If the feeling passes, it was thirst. And if you’re experiencing physiological hunger cues (like a grumbling stomach, lightheadedness or low energy) then have a snack.

My Salted Caramel Smoothie made with dates, natural yoghurt and vanilla protein powder fills me up till dinnertime. However, if I’m on the go, I’ll make sure there are TIFFXO bliss balls or bars in my handbag.

Other easy and no fuss snacks that I love are cherry tomatoes (sweet without the calories), almonds, carrot sticks, homemade kale chips or popcorn, an apple or a can of tuna.


It’s time to wrap up the day with something delicious and satisfying! I love a fresh piece of salmon or grilled steak with a salad. After dinner, I finish the night off with a cup of elderberry tea and a few squares of (really) dark chocolate or some frozen grapes.

I try not to eat anything after 8pm to rest my digestive system. This also helps my body to wind down so I can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Words by Tiffiny Hall, Founder of www.tiffxo.com

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