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In celebration of International Women’s Day, Stylerunner invited a handful of inspiring women from the community to come together and unwind over a yoga class, followed by a raw and real conversation.

Between sweating, laughing and crying (all happy tears!) together, an organic and candid conversation sparked, bringing these strong, independent women together as one.

From their biggest female role model and their proudest moment to chatting all-things motherhood, sisterhood and going into business with your bestie, we introduce you to 6 women paving the way in their field and inspiring young women across the world.

Meet: Marlee and Keely Silva, Co-Founders of Tiddas4Tiddas

Epitomising the bond of sisterhood and friendship all in one, Marlee and Keely Silva are two of the most inspiring, genuine and strong-willed girls you’ll come across.

The young Kamilaroi sisters, who co-founded Tiddas4Tiddas, started the social media platform as an initiative designed to empower young Indigenous women to realise their worth and potential. Meaning ‘sister’ for ‘sister’, Marlee and Keely are passionate about raising awareness and inspiring Indigenous excellence.

‘I feel Incredibly passionate about all of Australia being passionate about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, our culture, our history and our prosperity,’ Marlee shares.

During the conversation, Keely notes: ‘The best thing I’ve learnt from my sister is to stand up for myself. Marlee definitely has a voice that I didn’t have but she’s taught me to stand up for myself.

‘Nan is my biggest role model,’ shares Marlee. ‘We were raised with her stories and understanding everything she’s overcome. The fact that she was the first Aboriginal women to get a bachelor of social work from the University of Sydney is a [noteworthy] accomplishment. I love being around her – without ever instructing us, she’s shown us how it is to be an Aboriginal women. She’s incredible.’ She added.

On sharing what this year’s International Women’s Day theme of ‘an equal world is an enabled world’ means to her personally, Marlee says: ‘This year’s theme touches on what the result of true equality between the sexes would really mean. I think that there is a misconception that feminist – that has kind of become a dirty word – or true gender equality would mean a disadvantage for non-females and that’s just not the truth. If we really were all equal and had equal opportunities it would be a much better world. I think a lot of the issues that stand to day wouldn’t any longer and girls would stand out the front bringing new and exciting ideas.’

Meet: Julie Mathers, Founder of Flora & Fauna

She’s the founder of Eco- and vegan-friendly, sustainable and down-right cool environmentally conscious online store Flora and Fauna.

With a passion for driving forward-thinking principles around cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and sustainable products, Julie has created a platform for both education and alternative product options to encourage a planet-happy world.

With a heart as pure as her drive for positive environmental change, Julie shares: ‘I feel passionately about making the world a kinder place. I just think we can be better people.’ Cementing the true go-getter attitude ingrained in her, Julie shares: ‘I’m very happy to not accept the norm and I will go out and do what I think is right as opposed to what I think others would like me to do’

Pregnant with her second child, Julie shares her love for being a mother to her 1-year-old son Woody: ‘Oh my gosh! I love my child so much. I really love him and I didn’t realise how much I could love another human (sorry husband) until I had Woody. And I think waking up everyday and seeing his beautiful face and his smile is the best stress relief ever.’

Meet: Tori Clapham, Founder of Peaches Pilates and Bec Chidiac, Co-owner of Peaches Pilates

Tori and Bec are the founders of rapidly expanding Pilates studio Peaches Pilates and for good reason. From being a voice of inspiration and empowerment to girls across Sydney, the duo are known for leading the way in spreading positive body image messaging.

From hosting their own girl power panels to building women up both physically and mentally, these two best friends are nothing short of inspirational in and out of the studio!

During the intimate conversation, Tori asks Bec a fundamental question pertaining to their very active day-to-day lives: ‘What does health and fitness mean to you personally? Bec shares: ‘It means sanity and feeling good from the inside out. It’s a mental approach rather than a physical approach and it’s just feeling awesome.’

Bec also shared her thoughts on the meaning of being ‘strong’, expressing: ‘Strength is empowerment, resilience and finding the light at the end of the tunnel.’ Adding: ‘You can be your own light.’

As for the yin to Bec’s yang, Tori spoke about her favourite part when it comes to working alongside her best friend, sharing: ‘‘The fact that I’ve got someone who’s in my corner and who wants to see me shine. Your success is my success.’

On this year’s IWD theme, Tori ever-so-confidently shares: ‘ It’s time for change baby !’ And we couldn’t agree more.

Meet: Founder of Stylerunner, Julie Stevanja

Julie Stevanja the founder of the world’s leading digital retailer for women’s activewear, Stylerunner, and has gone on to inspire women across the globe to feel their best while living their most active, fashion-forward lives.

With over 70 brands and counting, the curated style edits are made up from some of biggest active and off-duty brands in the industry. as well as the bespoke, up-and-coming brands you’ll soon learn you need in your life.

Throughout the conversation, Julie shares her proudest moment: ‘It would honestly be the things that my team do. My proudest moment is just seeing my team grow and continue to strive for amazing things and seeing achievement beyond what they ever thought they could deliver. It just makes me so proud.’

And when it came to offering career advice to young entrepreneurs, Julie shares: ‘At the end of the day it’s pretty simple: Find something you love and do it with everything you’ve got.’

Watch the full video on Stylerunner’s Instagram on Sunday, 8th March at 10:00 am.



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