Jess Sepel’s guide to the healthiest cafes in Sydney

'I love the farm-to-table approach'

By Jessica Sepel • 4 months ago • WELLNESS, FOODIE FEATURE

I love eating out with friends and family – it gives me the chance to try new foods, and have a break from cooking myself! How­­ever, I hate being stuck at a café with only highly processed, fatty or sugary options that leave me feeling sick, bloated and lethargic.

So, I’ve found a few hidden gems (and some not so hidden) that I love to visit whenever I’m going out for a meal, where I can be sure I’ll get something healthy, delicious and nutritious!

My top picks for healthy Sydney cafes:

Lox Stock and Barrel

I love the farm-to-table approach at this Bondi café, which aims to provide healthy and delicious foods with minimal processing or nasties. I take a trip here almost every weekend, and never go wrong with my order of eggs with tomatoes, mushrooms and the gluten-free quinoa seed bread. I also love the pumpkin and quinoa salad with chicken for lunch!

Check them out here.

Little Jean

I absolutely love this Double Bay café, which tailors its menu to offer the best of Sydney’s local market produce. Their sides get me every time – my favourites are the roast butternut pumpkin with tahini, dukkha crumb and fetta, heirloom carrots with coconut labneh, hazelnuts and kale; and their grilled salmon with cauliflower, currants, suman onion, walnuts, coriander and tahini yoghurt. YUM!

Check them out here.

Sefa Kitchen

This Middle Eastern restaurant is so divine, and I love that they focus on seasonal produce, and grass-fed, hormone-free meats. The famous Brussels sprouts are unbeatable, and the lamb koftas are delicious, too!

Check them out here.

Pita Mix

Another Middle Eastern-style café to add to the list, this Rose Bay eatery has the most wholesome bowls and salads – they even added the JSHealth bowl to their menu which, of course, is delicious!

Check them out here.

Porch and Parlour

This little café overlooking Bondi has such a nice vibe – and even better food! The coffee is great, and their green breaky bowl with kale, quinoa, avo, parsley and boiled eggs is SO good!

Check them out here.

Rose Bay Hotel

The new menu here has really got me – their organic chicken, coconut and chilli curry is one of my fave dinner options!

Check them out here.


I could live at Shuk for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they have such delicious options! I mostly love their dinner options, my picks are the baked cauliflower with baba ganoush and cranberries, the roast chicken with baked sweet potato, and the homemade hummus with falafels… Delish!

Check them out here.

Kepos & Co

The Mediterranean-inspired menu here emphasises seasonal veggies – one of my favourite things to eat when they’re done well! I opt for the fried cauliflower with almonds, tahini and dukkah, the hummus they whip up right before your eyes, and the wood-fired barramundi. Big tick of approval from me!

You can find healthy options at most of your favourite food haunts, if you know what to look for. I like ordering dressings on the side, and opting for meals with a lean source of protein, and some veggies (even if that means ordering a side of greens to get my nutrient hit!). But these cafes and restaurants will leave you satisfied every time! Time to start ticking off that list.

Check them out here.

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Jessica Sepel is a clinical nutritionist, best-selling author, international health blogger and the beloved voice behind JSHealth and @jshealth. She is passionate about helping people overcome fad dieting and disordered eating, having gone through her own struggles with food. Her philosophy is focused around balance, rest and building a healthy relationship with food. She recently launched the JSHealth App, which features a world-first nutrition clinic, hundreds of healthy recipes, a daily meal planner, health guides, body love support and much more.

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