50 questions with Kayla Itsines

From her hidden talent to her biggest fear

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She’s one of the biggest names in the fitness industry. And personal trainer guru, author and entrepreneur Kayla Itsines is making major strides at just age 28.
Rising to fame after launching her killer BBG 28-minute workout routines, Kayla has gone on to inspire, encourage and change the lives of girls and women across the globe.
But there’s so much more to the brunette beauty than just her positive approach to health and fitness.
With 12.1 million loyal and loving Instagram followers, Kayla’s not afraid to get raw and real, sharing the less glamorous side to her otherwise perceived idyllic lifestyle, splashed across social media.


From wanting to be her best friend to pushing through her tough workouts alongside a community of avid fans, she’s the girl next door you can’t help but want (read: need) to be friends with.
In an effort to get to know her that much more, Triple White caught up with the fitness star to ask her 50 questions we’re certain you didn’t know – her biggest fear, pet peeve, favourite exercise and dream holiday destination included.



50 questions with Kayla Itsines


1. Go-to, hands down fave exercise move?
Lat pull down.

2. Coconuts or avocados?
Fresh coconut.

3. Favourite machine in the gym?
Cable machine.

4. My perfect day would involve…
Relaxing on a floatie in my pool, eating fruit.

5. Naughtiest things your dogs have ever done?
They ate our roast dinner, before it was served to the family

6. Currently binge watching?

7. It’s sort of embarrassing, but I’m currently obsessed with…
Kids cartoon TV shows in the morning.

8. Top 5 travel tips?
– Travel with your own pillow.
– Take eye drops on the plane.
– Drink plenty of water and eat a salad when you land to help with your fiber intake. Don’t drink coffee for 24 hours, you need to hydrate not dehydrate.
– Walk everywhere you go, it’s the best way to discover a new city.

9. Fave country visited so far?
Both Greece and Dubai, I can’t choose.

10. Number 1 tune to sweat to?
Da da ding – gener8ion.

11. I can’t go a day without…
Seeing my grandparents.

12. My hidden talent is…

13. Fave thing that your sister Leah cooks?
Eggplant parmigiana.

14. One word to describe your sister Leah?

15. Best thing about growing up Greek?
The delicious food and my family.



16. Greek food that everyone should try?
Kataifi (Greek cake) or moussaka.

17. Least favourite fruit?
Paw paw, I’ve never liked the texture.

18. Bad habit I’m currently working on…
Biting my nails.

19. Quote I live by…
Treat people the way you want to be treated.

20. One word to describe SWEAT trainer, Kelsey Wells?

21. Best advice ever received?
Don’t let other people’s opinions of you define you.

22. Cheese or chocolate?
Cheese, I love feta in a Greek salad.

23. Slides or sneakers?
Both, slides are so comfortable but I live in sneakers.

24. If I could be any animal, I would be…
A monkey.

25. Tea or coffee?
Turkish coffee.

26. Biggest pet peeve?
People running late.

27. Dream superpower?
Being able to heal others.

28. I’m always inspired by…
My BBG community.

29. My biggest fear is…
Coral. Even though I love the sea and being in the water, coral freaks me out!

30. Most underrated exercise move?
Planks. They work on stabilising your core which you need to stabilise and strengthen your whole body.


31. The best thing about my job is…
Watching people become stronger and more confident.

32. Most annoying fitness myth?
“Spot reduction”. It’s not possible to lose fat from one particular area of your body by just doing exercises that target that area. It’s a full-body process, so you need to lose body fat all over in order to look more lean or “toned”.

33. Fave “guilty” pleasure treat?
Mint slices and homemade iced coffee milkshakes.

34. It’s super weird, but I actually really enjoy…
Sardines. I eat them for breakfast sometimes with tomato on rye toast.

35. Household chore I will always try to get out of…
Putting shopping away.

36. One word to describe your partner Tobi?

37. Most used emoji?

38. I spend way too much time…
Taking photos of my two dogs!

39. Current fave colour?

40. Recipe on repeat?

41. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it’d be…
Green chicken curry.

42. Three women you look up to?
My mum, grandma, and my dear friend Lenny.

43. Best advice for girls wanting to start their own business?
Be willing to learn. Listen to and always put your customer first.

44. Celeb I’d love to meet…
The Rock.

45. Currently coveting?
A holiday with my whole family to Greece.


46. Beach or mountains?
The beach.

47. Peanut butter or chocolate?
Smooth peanut butter.

48. I’ve always wanted to…
Visit Japan.

49. Number 1 meal prep tip?
Buy good quality containers that stack easily in your fridge or freezer.

50. Avocado on toast or an açaí bowl?
Avocado on toast, yum!


Photography by Li-Chi Pan



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