REVIEW: Meet UA’s new sports bra designed to meet your activewear dreams

'It's the most comfortable, seamless, free-feeling bra with support I've worn to date.'

By Jess Arrowsmith • 3 weeks ago • HEALTH, STYLE

We’ll cut to the chase: Under Armour have just launched their most innovative sports bra to date, the UA Infinity Bra and it’s about to change the way you work out.

Why? Designed for all levels of impact – from low to mid and as high as it gets – the Infinity Bra is designed to work with the natural movement of your body, ensuring your workout is a comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

For starters, the bra addresses two major issues and functions to support every women’s unique body type. Pressure testing the bra with health expert Dr. Joanna Scurr at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, Under Armour have developed a fitted bra that works with you in every which way.

 Rather than cutting two perfect breast-shaped cups from a flat piece of padding, gluing and layering pieces of foam – the traditional sports bra construction – Under Armour’s design team liquid-injected the foam for a more natural shape that moves with the breasts, and a much lighter feel.

The flexible cups are designed to offset impact across all workout intensity levels and naturally mould to the female body, even during its natural fluctuations.

The liquid foam follows in an infinity shape – the shape breasts actually move in during jumping and running – and provides the right level of support without sacrificing comfort and breathability.

But as you may well and truly know, we aren’t in the business of sharing anything that doesn’t really work. Putting the sports bra to the test, I took the Infinity Bra for a 10 kilometer coastal run to stretch, move, sweat and really get a feel it.

The verdict?

I have to say, this is the best bra Under Armour have delivered to date. Here’s exactly why:


First thing’s first, when it comes to working out we all want to look the part, as much as we want to feel it. Before even popping on the bra, I loved the style, look and detailing that made it feel both premium and hi-tech.

First try:

The lightweight feel and branded, thin yet supportive straps sat comfortably and replicated a second skin-like structure around my body.

The work out:

I can honestly vouch for this sports bra, confirming it’s the most comfortable, seamless, free-feeling bra with support I’ve worn to date. The bra moved with my body as I ran and wasn’t restricting in any way. The sweat-absorbing material meant that I didn’t feel weighed down by the bra, keeping it as supportive as it was from the start of my run to the finish.

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