4-6 weeks before the big day: The wedding workout plan that’ll get you in great shape

The countdown workout plan you need!

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Looking good for your wedding day can be a great goal, but focusing on your overall health is vital for a healthy mind and body prior to your wedding! When you hit the 4-6 weeks mark, it’s all about…

Practicing Self Care

There’s no doubt that wedding planning can be stressful! It can affect your productivity at work, and even your social schedule. This is the point to make sure you’re prioritizing.

This can mean anything from a weekly yoga class, to weekly massages, a regular mani/pedi or even taking 30 minutes before bed to read a great book before bed to get your mind off any anxiety you may be experiencing.

This is the time to focus on YOU! Try and keep your life in balance, and keep your spirits high!

Create a workout calendar

Feeling overwhelmed? I recommend planning your workout at the beginning of the week and putting them in your calendar to hold you accountable for your “workout appointments” and take any pressure away. Now is the time to MIX it up, this is meant to be FUN!

For weight training, now is the time to increase the volume, but decrease your load. Think about more reps & sweat, than heavy lifting. You don’t want to be ‘hobbling’ down the aisle from DOMS (*) , or even worse an injury. If you’ve been training hard these last few months, think of your weekly schedule like this:

Monday: Full Body Weights Circuit

Tuesday: Cardio or HIIT focused – think group classes or an outdoor interval run

Wednesday: Full Body Weights Circuit – again, volume focused, not load.

Thursday: REST / walk

Friday: Yoga or Mobility Class. If you’re feeling energetic, here is where you’d add a second HIIT session.

Saturday: Mix of Weights and Cardio

Sunday: REST / walk

Become a lean mean green machine

Leafy greens and colourful veggies are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. At one month out, be sure to raise your intake of these fibrous greens! I recommend doing this by adding greens to every meal of your day, if you aren’t already. A good breakdown guide for each meal is a colourful veggie-heavy salad with a lean protein and a healthy fat, such as an avocado for each meal.

Last but definitely not least. Sleep is key

Let’s be realistic, their will be times in the lead up to your wedding where the recommended 8 hours of sleep just isn’t going to happen. However, sleep is going to be a KEY part in these last four weeks. In the 14 days leading up to your wedding, set a bedtime and get those Zzzzs so that you look and feel rested on your special day.

Get a massage

Loosen up, lighten up, and relax. Getting a massage one week out from your wedding will do all of the above, not to mention give you that precious hour of “me” time you deserve.

Good luck with the wedding planning and the workouts. Remember, the most important thing throughout all of this is to ENJOY the JOURNEY! Take a deep breath….and let’s do this!!

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This article was written by Rochelle De Luca, co-founder of Sydney’s RE:UNION Training. Imagery via Vogue Brides Australia

Imagery via Vogue Weddings



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