REVIEW: Here’s why the Nike React Infinity Run sneakers are about to change the way you run forever

To infinity & beyond!

By Jess Arrowsmith • 7 months ago • SNEAKERS, STYLE

Leading by way of innovation, Nike have combined every key element of running, developing the most high-tech sneaker designed to help keep you on the run.

Let’s talk: The features

The sneaker is designed to be slightly higher, wider and much more durable than it’s predecessor. For starters, the Nike React foam cushioning has been topped up for optimal cushioning (in fact, 24% more foam) that’s soft, springy and long-lasting.

Nike’s rocker geometry ensures the mid-sole rolls you through a fluid foot strike and trust us when we say, it does just that!

Let’s talk: Our Review

Putting the new runners through their paces this morning, it’s safe to say we’re totally sold.

‘It was love at first sight – from the fly-knit, light-weight technology to the highly supportive structure, I felt ready for any run thrown my way. Not to mention, the fluoro accents on a crisp white sneaker get a big tick of approval from me!’

‘You can really feel the 24% extra Nike React Foam Cushioning and the wider base really does make you feel much more grounded as you run. While powering speed may be somewhat compromised as they’re built for longer distance runs, the cushioning ensures your foot is fully supported no matter the terrain you run on.’

‘Running felt natural ensuring a ‘barely there’ motion, yet felt fully supported too – my feet glided against the pavement without pressure or resistance.’

Shop the sneaker at Stylerunner on 30th January.



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