Celebrity fitness trainer Ben Lucas shares his tips for sticking to your goals in 2020

Including the importance of being kind to yourself!

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Leading up to the end of a decade, you may start to hear what 2020 holds for your friends, family or colleagues, but come mid 2020, will those goals set have stuck? What is the glue that keeps us bound to our personal pledges? Personal trainer & Director of Flow Athletic, Ben Lucas, reveals his top tips for how to make realistic goals and how to stick to them.

Share Them

This works. Whether it’s a significant other, sibling or best friend writing your goals together keeps you both accountable. This way you can articulate your goals to each other and offer suggestions, which may help refine or understand your goals better.

Write Them Down

Research has shown that of the people that create goals, those who write them down are more likely to achieve them. Having them on a piece of paper or typed on your computer and saved in a place where you can refer to them is a good way to remind yourself of your personal pledges.

Be Specific

Create a goal for a few areas in your life that you want to work towards. For instance, you could have a goal for finance,

health & fitness, work, personal growth and social life. Your goals don’t have to be grandstanding, but small improvements or desires. For example, you may want to work towards putting a certain amount of money into savings a month, joining a book club or committing yourself to educational seminars.

Schedule Catch-Ups

As soon as March rolls around, goals set in January may as well have been left in the year that was. However, quarterly dates with yourself or the person you shared your goals with helps keep you on track. You may find that you forgot about a goal or have already achieved one. The benefit of having catch-ups will bring a huge amount of satisfaction when at your last date you review your goals and reflect on the year, which undoubtedly will include learnings and valuable lessons.

Be Kind to Yourself

Life may have other plans for you, which means that the goals you set in January may not reflect where you are at in July! The point is not to be hard on yourself, but use the opportunity to check-in and ask yourself if you can adapt your goals to your environment, rather than just giving up on them.


Being on track with a goal or achieving one deserves a celebration. Why should we only feel a sense of achievement when we get a promotion or pay-rise? This is a win that deserves a personal promotion, paid in the form of personal growth, which is the reason we set goals, isn’t it?



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