The 6-Month Wedding Workout Plan: 5 months out!

'If in doubt, opt out!'

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As you enter month two, it’s time to do a self-assessment about how your first month went.

Have you started to see results? What is your mindset? Do you anticipate any roadblocks?

Rather than using the time leading up to your big day to whittle yourself down to some unrealistic weight loss number, take this time to become your healthiest you!

Schedule in your cheat meals.

As engagement parties, showers and Christmas parties begin to fill your spring-summer schedule, it’s important to mark your calendar so you have a clear idea of when and where you may need to scale back on the meal plan or increase exercise.

If in the same month, or weekend you see a few celebrations, it is good to plan. Give yourself one ‘cheat’ meal per week and then stay consistent with your meals for the rest of the week.

Try and not to think of this period as a restriction or punishment, on the contrary, view it as a positive incentive that gives you the push to stick to it! It’s not about what’s good or bad, it’s about being able to make informed decisions and creating a good relationship with food. It’s also more than likely you’ll have a dress fitting coming up which may add some additional stress shortly so stay strong!

If in doubt, opt out!

If you simply don’t have the time for planning, shopping and cooking (or hate the thought of it!) it’s time to think about a healthy meal delivery service. All you have to do is choose a plan and get them delivered to your door., MonkeyFoodz and Hello Fresh are all great affordable options.

Get sleeveless ready

Whether you’re going strapless or backless, chances are your wedding dress will put your upper body on display. Build your body confidence with a weighted workout that targets a bride’s most exposed areas: the arms, shoulders, and back. Think dumbbell rows, bicep curl press and tricep extensions.

One of my simple, and effective dumbbell workouts that work the full body is:

Repeat each exercise for 8-12 reps.
Repeat for 3-5 rounds.

  1. Squat and overhead press
  2. Bent over rows
  3. Tricep Push Ups
  4. Side plank pulse
  5. Sit up with weighted plate
  6. Rest 60 seconds

Focus on the goal

Whether you’ve got 5 months, or 4 weeks until your big day, try and keep your eye on the prize for your desired goal. It’s important to realize that 5 months will fly by, and by the time you hit the 4-week mark, the end is in sight. You will feel SO GOOD about yourself if you stick to your goals, and hopefully, by that point, your ‘diet’ would have turned into a healthy lifestyle. Stay consistent, don’t put things off until Monday, the earlier you start and the more persistent you are, the better the results will be.

Set yourself small attainable goals such as ‘I will workout 4 times this week’ or ‘I’m scheduling my cheat meal in for Saturday lunchtime’ and it won’t feel as hard. I want you to glow from the inside, out!

Read the 6-month out guide here.

This article was written by Rochelle De Luca, co-founder of Sydney’s RE:UNION Training. Imagery via Vogue Brides Australia



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