Nike Women’s Apparel Senior Creative Director talks to the future of mix-and-match workout pieces

Basketball meets ’80s aesthetics!

By Jess Arrowsmith • 10 months ago • STYLE

We’ve seen Nike lead the way in activewear since making their debut on the scene launching their first Nike sneaker in 1972. That same year, the classic, and since modernised, Bruin and Blazer male Nike Basketball kicks were released.

Since then, the brand has owned the basketball space dominating the female-led sporting industry, releasing their first-ever women’s signature basketball shoe, The Air Swoopes, in 1995.

Nike’s never-ending innovation has transformed both athletes, fans and sportswear trends alike.

In continuing the ever-evolving basketball-inspired theme, the Nike Icon Clash collection returns with a versatile line of mix-and-match workout pieces rooted in basketball design.

“With Nike’s new Icon Clash collection, we’re really excited to extend the energy and amazing sport details from the game of basketball onto versatile products across running, training and more,” says Jessica Laird, Nike Women’s Apparel Senior Creative Director.

Sprinkled with feminine glam, such as gold and silver metallics, and paired with detailed stripes, jersey fabric and engineered knits, the pieces are tailored for a variety of workouts and transition easily to daily runways.

The collection’s printed pieces, such as the gold chain jacket, are
partly inspired by ’80s aesthetics.

You’ll be able to deck yourself out from head-to-toe in the kit from Nov 1.



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