How to understand the moons around us: from the 8 phases every month to your birth month moon

Plus, the rare moons to know about!

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Did you know the Moon has absolutely no light of its own? The enchanting silver Moonlight is, in fact, the sun’s bright light bouncing off the moon’s dull grey surface!

As our Moon orbits us every 29.5 days and Earth, in turn, orbits the Sun once every 365 days, the positioning of the three celestial marvels of course changes ever so slightly each day/night. This is how we get the Moon phases.

There are 8 moon phases every month, with each one being said to hold powerful energy that we can harness to assist us in most areas of life.

Phase 1: New Moon

A New Moon occurs when the Moon is directly in the middle of Earth and the Sun. It means that from our viewpoint, the Moon receives no direct illumination. Our night sky is dark, littered with stars and we may see a faint slither of silver high in the sky on a clear night.
The energy of a New Moon brings a purification, a sweet re-birth for us. It is the perfect time to relax in a salt bath and write a list of intentions for the coming month, asking this powerful Moon to help you manifest your dreams.

Phase 2: Waxing Crescent Moon

When the Moon becomes visible again, we move into phase 2, and it appears the Moon begins to grow (waxing). Reaching a crescent shape through this phase, still less than half the Moon is illuminated. Now is the ideal time to devise your action plan around the goals/dreams and opportunities.

Phase 3: First Quarter Moon

A week after the New Moon, half the Moon face we see is illuminated and the First Quarter Moon phase has arrived. Rising at midday, the random few days you see the Moon in the light blue sky of the day is just the First Quarter Moon doing its thing. The energy is magnetically charged and any proactive, constructive action you take towards achieving goals or dreams will be supported. Make your move!

Phase 4: Waxing Gibbous Moon

The moon continues to grow (waxing) and is now a ‘gibbous’ shape – it’s less than full but more than half. It too rises during the day, visible from early afternoon. Energetically, now is the time to cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s. You’ve put in the work around your New Moon intentions and they are about to manifest! It’s never been more crucial than now to tie up any loose ends and complete the finishing touches.

Phase 5: Full Moon

Rising at Sunset, the Moon is now in a position to be fully illuminated by the Sun from Earth’s viewpoint. Because of the brightly lit night sky, it is common for people to experience poor sleep on a Full Moon, and it’s just as common for some to feel a tad crazy. The term ‘lunatic’ comes from this phenomenon.
Energetically, a Full Moon intensifies everything! Depending on the astrological house, each month will have the opportunity to harness specific energy related to the star sign. Added to this is the power attributed to the seasons, with the traditional native Full Moon names indicating optimal timing – see below.

Phase 6: Wanning Gibbous Moon

Now becoming smaller each night (wanning) and typically rising late in the night and still visible at first light, the Wanning Gibbous Moon brings the energy of abundance and love. Magic seems to sparkle in the air and emotionally we are feeling generous and affectionate.

Phase 7: Third Quarter Moon

A mirror version of the First Quarter Moon, we now see the third quarter illuminated. Almost coming full circle, now is the time to harness the energy to cleanse stagnant energy, declutter and burn the bridges attached to anything that no longer serves you.

Phase 8: Waning Crescent Moon

The Moon is now on its home run to position itself once again between Earth and the Sun, we see the last banana-like light in the sky. Finally, we arrive at the end of the cycle and it’s time to resign to rest. Make no plans, refrain from setting intentions/goals and just be. Next week brings re-birth once again and you’ll need all your strength.

Native American Moon Names

Wolf Moon, Harvest Moon, Strawberry Moon… it isn’t just a recent phase! These names have been around since the Farmer’s Almanac was first published in the 1800s.

Originating from Native American tradition, like a timekeeper each Full Moon was given a name that represented the ideal time to plant, harvest, hunt, gather, etc.

January – Wolf Moon

The first full moon in the dark and bare Winter when it was thought the wolves would howl in hunger. Let your inner wolf howl, expressing yourself without apology and with fervour.

February – Snow Moon/Hunger Moon

Not very original, the Snow Moon was named after the never-ending snow still falling. Also known as the Hunger Moon, which acknowledged the lack of food. Transformational in its energy, choose to honour your growth and journey with a cleansing salt bath.

March – Worm Moon

With the winter snow now fast melting, muddy earth begins to show life with worms coming up for fresh air. Birds would return to feed and sign their songs of Spring. This is the time to refresh your intimate relationships and being new ones.

April – Pink Moon

Referencing Spring and the first sign of new plant life with tiny pink flowers that bloom in the early spring. Focus on all that is new in your life, intentionally injecting new energy into all areas of your life.

May – Flower Moon

Again, a simple name for the time when Spring has sprung, and meadows are covered in colourful flowers. A magical time for baby-making and embracing your beauty, self-care routine.

June – Strawberry Moon

Mother Nature has delivered bountiful strawberry patches and berries ripe for a feast. A time to take the foot off the pedal and relax a little into the fruits of your labour. Spend time enjoying spiritual practices and the company of like-minded friends and family, while decluttering to make more room for high vibes.

July – Buck Moon/Thunder Moon

Buck’s antlers are beginning to sprout and it’s the time when thunderstorms are common. If there is any conflict in your life between your past and your future, it is time to deal with the root of the problem.

August – Sturgeon Moon

It’s Sturgeon (fish) season with the waterholes abundant in this diet staple. Try to stay flexible now while you experience the energy that may throw you off balance.

September – Corn Moon (aka Harvest Moon)

Autumn crops are ready to be harvested. Clean up your act! Clean your home, your office, and your mind.

October – Hunter’s Moon

It’s hunting season! October is prime time for hunting fat prey, skinning, preserving and storing in preparation for the coming Winter. Spend time thinking of lost loved ones, spiritual connections, and relationships.

November – Beaver Moon

Beavers are everywhere busily preparing for winter and it’s time to hunt them for thick fur. Be honest with your feelings towards those around you, including yourself. Invest in relationships.

December – Cold Moon

Winter is closing in; the nights are longer and it’s time to keep warm with fire. Welcome any discomfort, sit with it and transmute it into proactive energy directed into other areas.

And just because we have more than one favourite name either, there are the extra few ‘rare’ Moons…

Blue Moon

The name given to the second Full Moon in a calendar month. To avoid any confusion and timing correction around the 12 traditional moons, the extra 13th Moon was named the Blue Moon. It is believed that the original name was decided upon because occasionally the moon appeared to glow blue due to certain atmospheric conditions, but this has never been confirmed. The energy of a Blue Moon tends to be more focused around the astrological houses, enhancing the qualities and energy.

Blood Moon

otherwise known as a Total Lunar Eclipse. Why Blood? Well, a total lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon sits directly in Earth’s shadow and blocks the Sun’s light and it often appears bloody Red. The red colour comes from the reflection of the Earth’s atmosphere which absorbs the violet/blue wavelengths on the light spectrum and reflects red. It’s now you want to make those tough decisions, break off the dead-end relationship or tell the boss to, well you know! The energy is strong, powerful and deeply supportive right now. It will hold you while you forge ahead.


Simply, each orbit the Moon will have a night when it is closest to Earth and if this happens to coincide with a Full Moon or New Moon then that moon is known as a Supermoon. Supercharged energy means supercharged intentions or cleansing. These rare moons are brilliant powerhouses of potent cosmic energy.

Regardless of its phase, its name or its colour, the Moon is a 4.5billion-year-old glowing source of wonder and inspiration. It is a spiritual symbol for femininity and its cycles, a ruler of the sea tides and the faithful companion to animals of the night.
However, perhaps most powerful of all is the constant reminder that in the darkest of times we can find the light and surrender to its illumination.

This article was written by Tracey Dimech. Tracey is a Spirit Alignment Mentor who has been able to communicate with Spirits for as long as she can remember. 

With a combination of her undeniable connection to the afterlife, psychic abilities, personal experiences, old soul vibe and passion to serve others on the deepest, authentic level, Tracey guides people through and into alignment with their Spirit. 



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