10-minutes with Zoe Marshall: ‘I turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine to heal my body and endometriosis’

'I suffered horrific pain and heavy bleeding due to endometriosis'

By Jess Arrowsmith • 8 months ago • HEALTH & FITNESS

I recently heard Zoe Marshall’s story and instantly felt passionate about helping share her message, as well as the work she’s doing for women’s health.

Zoe has just launched a new event called ‘What Women Want’ creating a platform to connect with women and bring them the best health, wellness and spiritual teachers in one room.

As an ambassador for Spring Cycle, Zoe is working hard to get cycling fit, admitting she hasn’t been able to do cardio for 2 years after horrific problems with endometriosis and the birth of her first son, FOX.

Zoe is passionate about helping other women feel their best, and she feels privileged to be able to create a space to do that. We sat down with Zoe and we’re certain you’ll be as inspired by her as we are. Read the full interview below:

For those unaware, are you able to give us a little background on endometriosis and how it has specifically affected you? 

For almost all of my 20s, I suffered horrific pain and heavy bleeding due to endometriosis. The pain was so bad I would have to take heavy pain killers to ease the pain. This pain was so horrific it often made me blackout.

In 2013 and 2016 I had two different surgeries to remove the endometriosis (burning away and cutting it out), which was not only expensive, but it took an enormous physical toll on my body and was incredibly hard to recover from.

In the end, I turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine to heal my body and endometriosis. My symptoms stopped. For the first time in my life (since I got my period at 11) I had a “normal” period. Slight cramping, light bleeding (normal I’m sure for everyday women- but not for me). After breastfeeding stopped my periods became awful again. I started seeing Dr. Andrew Orr and I’ve followed his program, still have acupuncture and have cut most sugar and all gluten which has helped immensely.

What are a few noteworthy highs and lows you’ve experienced? 

As part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine for my endometriosis I had to stop eating for two weeks (and restricted myself to a diet of Chinese herbs, boiled water and black tea) it took 6 months in total but I got to gradually break the fast over the following 10 weeks.

The fasting and detox period was the hardest mental challenge I’ve ever experienced. Following the three-month treatment, I went straight on the pregnancy program and I fell pregnant the 2nd month. I really believe the treatment helped me to get pregnant.

How did you become an ambassador for Spring Cycle?

The opportunity to give back, and support Freedom Wheels which provides custom-made bicycles to children in wheelchairs. As a mother, I just imagine how it would feel to be in situation like that and it is fuelling me to get on a bicycle again for the first time since I was a child. The biggest challenge for me is learning the skill of riding a bike all over again!

Can you talk us through your initiative What Women Want? 

This event was initially created for anyone who felt disconnected and was wanting more- whether that was spiritually, mentally or emotionally. We had such incredible success that I noticed it was parents that now needed support. To check-in and see if you are living your purpose alongside being a parent. It’s about exploring your identity or the lack of it. About connection & relationships- with your partner, your friends & most importantly, yourself. It’s a day to keep for yourself, held in a great venue so that people can hit pause on parenting and hit a much-deserved play on serious you time. The events are fabulous, fun and created to make you feel good and create lasting change.

Where did the inspo come from and what really fuelled your passion?

Having gone to so many different events like hearing Eckhart Tolle speak or walking on the hot coals with Tony Robbins, I felt there was a real gap for people like me to connect and find ways to better their mental health and wellbeing, not just improve their lifestyles. I went through a traumatic period in my early 20s with the loss of my mum, domestic violence and a court case. I felt like I was able to overcome that trauma by doing the ‘work’ and I am incredibly fortunate to live an extraordinary life now compared to where I was.  

I feel a responsibility to be of service and share my personal experiences and what can be done when you feel helpless.

What is your long-lasting hope for What Women Want?

It’s all about connection. I believe there is a way I can connect with people on a deeper level than I can via social media. I want to create a place where I can share vulnerable parts of my life and help other people to feel seen and heard.

I want to create an accessible place where they can hear from the best mindset coaches, professors and other experts to improve their wellbeing and lives. We also allocate several tickets to women in need who aren’t able to access the events for financial reasons. 

Tell us something nobody knows about you? 

People feel really comfortable sharing their stories with me. I mean the really raw, ugly parts of their stories. Whether that’s me bumping into someone for the first time in Kmart that is dying to open up to someone or be it my closest friends. There’s an ability to sit with people’s shadow side that I’m very comfortable with. Maybe going through lots of trauma allows that.

Join Zoe for Spring Cycle on Sunday, 13 October and join 7,000 riders making the iconic trip over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to raise funds and awareness for Freedom Wheels.  Registrations are now open via www.springcycle.com.au



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