Does your schedule clash with your fave workout class? Try these 5 trending alternatives!

From club workouts to power plates & more!

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Grabbing a drink with a friend is becoming increasingly less popular when arranging a social catch up. Nowadays, people are starting to enjoy each other’s company when working out, which is great because exercise and health are trending to be cool. We’ve done some research and pinpointed some of the most trendy workouts to try, if you haven’t already on your next social encounter with your BFF. 

Wearable Technology

With technology constantly evolving, new and exciting gadgets are always popping up in the fitness industry. Most people who train for performance and even people who train for fun are purchasing fit smartwatches. They not only track how many calories you burn throughout the day but they can also monitor your sleeping pattern and also measure the number of steps you’ve covered in a day.

Streaming a workout 

Let’s face it, a lot of us hate the idea of walking into a gym at 6AM ready to workout with a bunch of people you have to make small talk with. Another trend that is expanding is being able to stream your work on an app, or if you’re on a budget you can find great workouts on YouTube for free. 

Train like an athlete

As mentioned earlier, being fit is a trend nowadays and even training like a professional athlete is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re a fan of boxing, given 12RND a go! It allows you to train like a professional boxer without having to be one. Workouts replicate the physical demands of a 12 round championship bout; there are 12 x 3-minute rounds with 30 seconds rest between. Each workout includes both the boxing and strength training required to condition athletes to their peak. In fact, one of 12RND CO-founder is 4 x World Champion Boxer Danny Green!

Club vibes

Fitness studios are popping up all around the world with a more nightclub vibe, giving you the experience of being in a nightclub in a gym, meaning you can go out without the hangover. Everything, down to the music, light and atmosphere is shifted to more of a club scene. Get that Beyonce booty whilst squatting to Crazy In Love.

Power Plates 

Power plates is a machine that gives the body’s muscles a high-speed workout by using vibrations to stimulate your muscles to relax and contract. If you’re someone who hates the thought of working out or find that sometimes you don’t have time, Power Plates are for you. They are a great time-saver due to the high effectiveness of training as they target many muscle groups meaning a lot of muscles are activated at the same time, meaning you burn calories fast. They say that a 10-minute workout



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