Stylerunner is now serving wellness: Meet the brands about to give you your best night zzz & recovery!

From lush magnesium salt sprays to organic teas & rose elixirs!

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Like sneakers to socks and hair ties to sweaty workout sessions, It’s about time Stylerunner unites their cult curation of activewear & sneakers with their ultimate partner in prime: wellness.

From putting on your favourite gym outfit to adding the latest protein powder or collagen formula to your on-the-go breakfast smoothie, Stylerunner is your one-stop-shop for all things trending style, health, fitness and wellness.

So, what exciting new wellness brands are we welcoming to the Stylerunner family? We’ve broken it down by category to make it a little less overwhelming and help you decide what you need to add to cart & exactly why.

Talking all things recovery, we’ve enlisted some of the best brands in the business to make sure your day-to-day leaves you feeling rested, recovered and full of energy in the most natural, organic ways. From an Amethyst Gua Sha Facial Sculpting Board to rose hydration spray, organic teas and must-have magnesium sprays, we’re got your sorted from the inside out.

Mayde Tea

Mayde Tea is your new favourite organic tea company. Founded by Kate Dalton in 2013, the brand sells a range of therapeutic teas, formulated using the principles of Western herbal medicine.

Kate started Mayde Tea at just 23 after experiencing her own health complications.

 ‘I was creating herbal blends for my own health complications whilst learning the magic of herbal medicine at university. The results on my digestive and nervous system imbalances were incredible. I started gifting it to friends that I knew could really benefit from it, and it took off from there,’ she shares.

Adding: ‘ started the business with a whole heap of knowledge about herbal medicine, but running a business was very new to me. It’s been a huge, exciting learning curve- and the most fulfilling 6 years of my life.’

So, where does her inspiration come from and how are the teas made?

‘I draw inspiration from my work as a naturopath, leaning into to what our bodies need to be at their healthiest- on a holistic level. Nature always provides me with the most incredible amount of creativity- and from there I produce our therapeutic tea, always in it’s most natural form,’ Kate says.

From idea to output, Mayde package all their teas in Byron Bay by humans and never machinery. Kate shares, ‘ It’s important to me that each person that comes into contact with the product and it’s production has a true love for it, as I believe this really influences the finished product.’

From Organic Chai to Digest Jar, Cleanse and Energise Jar, there’s a tea for every one of your needs. Plus, perfect the art of your tea making with their must-have tea flasks and infusers.

Shop Mayde here.

Salt Lab

Founded by nutritionist, Personal trainer and Health Coach Clementine Boshevski, Salt Lab started as a passion project derived from a personal need for a high-quality topical magnesium supplement. After experiencing a burnout, Clementine sought a product she trusted with no nasties and one that wasn’t going to hinder her. With a lack of offerings in the market, she kickstarted her game-changer venture.

‘In 2013 I decided to take the leap and start my first business. I was living out of the space upstairs and working around the clock (literally). In turn, I was left with complete burnout,’ Clementine shares. 

Adding: ‘Health professionals recommended I try magnesium oil, and though it was almost impossible to track down in a functional form, it truly worked.’

Determined to empower others to improve their wellbeing, Clementine spent two years on rigorous research and product development until she launched Salt Lab in 2015, formulating an easy-to-use, 100% natural, vegan, effective, Australian owned and made magnesium brand.

Offering the likes of magnesium spray and bath salts, Salt Lab strives to allow you to live a bigger and better life by improved sleep, faster recovery, a calmer nervous system and the ability to keep up with the fast-paced lives we now live. 

Shop Salt Lab here.


Founded by Katy Beeson, Theseeke is a beauty brand you’re about to obsess over. What started as a means of ‘escaping’ a demanding lifestyle, Katy set out to create everything needed for the perfect self-care ritual.

‘I started Theseeke when I was deeply anxious, depressed, overworked and stressed. My life revolved around endless deadlines and late-night work sessions that rolled into the wee hours of the morning, my head dropping on the pillow to grab a couple of hours sleep before the workday kicked back into gear,’ Katy shares.

Adding: ‘My only solace was when I took myself into the bathroom to complete my twice-daily routine of obligatory self-care. I realised that this few minutes of routine, that I had gone about so mindlessly could be a sweet nourishing time of ritual for my mind and soul as well as my skin and body.’

Packed with natural, plant-based, active ingredients, Theseeke is made to enable you to make the most out of your beauty routine, to create an everyday mindfulness ritual, that not only nourishes your skin but your soul.

Shop Theseeke here.

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