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By Jess Arrowsmith • 1 year ago • WELLNESS

Like sneakers to socks and hair ties to sweaty workout sessions, It’s about time Stylerunner unites their cult curation of activewear & sneakers with their ultimate partner in prime: wellness.

From putting on your favourite gym outfit to adding the latest protein powder or collagen formula to your on-the-go breakfast smoothie, Stylerunner is your one-stop-shop for all things trending style, health, fitness and wellness.

So, what exciting new wellness brands are we welcoming to the Stylerunner family? We’ve broken it down by category to make it a little less overwhelming and help you decide what you need to add to cart & exactly why.

So, let’s talk all-things Superfoods & Protein! From coconut oil and turmeric supplements to natural immune support, organic matcha and whey protein powders in all your fave flavours – meeting the brands about to power you through the day!


Founded by Pip Summerville (in partnership with her dad, pharmacist Glenn Summerville), Tonik aims to simplify supplementation and redefine health.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Pip led a double life as an aspiring competitive rower and her dad’s pharmacy student. Caught between the two worlds, Pip struggled to balance the pressure of being a professional athlete and what it really meant to be ‘healthy’, and over time developed unhealthy eating habits.

Pip recognised there was a gap in her knowledge, and it was only when she started experimenting with natural supplements that things started to make sense. When her dad, Glenn, introduced her to Apple Cider Vinegar, she immediately felt a difference and her whole world changed. She was hooked on the good stuff.

If there was a Pip, there was an Apple Cider Vinegar bottle nearby.

It was only when she one day discovered a huge ACV leakage in her suitcase that she started to doubt her beloved ACV.

“There has to be a better way!” She thought. She called her dad asking for answers. “Where can I get this stuff in capsules?” The answer? Nowhere.

So, with their combined powers, Pip and her dad created the first organic, natural, Apple Cider Vinegar capsule. And the rest was history.

Tonik’s brand mission & ethos is to help our customers to feel freakin’ awesome through nourishing the body from the inside out promoting overall health and wellness from within with our natural ingredients in soft capsule dosages.

Fun Fact: ‘My dad is Tonik’s pharmacist and has helped me with all of the formulations and compliance. It’s so cool getting to work with him!’ Pip shares!

The products: From Organic Coconut Oil Capsules to Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules to Organic Hemp Seed Oil Capsules and Organic Tumeric Capsules, Tonik offers your essential supplements in one swallow.

Shop Tonik here.

The Healthy Chef

Founded by Teresa Cutter, The Healthy Chef started as a passion project to seek better health.

Teresa, who suffers from gut issues, shares: ‘My recipes and functional foods have always catered to that. During my career, I discovered that many girls and women experience some sort of digestive health issue. So, I design functional food products that can be instantly absorbed by the body, which means they don’t place any stress on the digestive system.’

Teresa adds: ‘My wholefood, premium product range offers pure and unadulterated nutrition that tastes wonderful and leaves you feeling healthy and energised.’

With taste top of mind for Teresa when developing her products, wellness has never been more enjoyable. Teresa shares, ‘I approach product development the same way I do my recipes. They need to taste purely delicious and use the very best of ingredients. I approach their formulation from a chef’s perspective rather than that of a laboratory technician.’ 

Fun fact: ‘Not many people know that The Healthy Chef is still run and owned by myself and my business partner, husband and best friend, Paul. They also don’t know that Paul is a cinematographer who has won awards at Cannes. Paul creates all the visual splendour that people love so much about The Healthy Chef brand.’

The products: The Healthy Chef offers a range of protein powders and superfoods, designed to make you feel, look and be your very best. From Organic Superfood to Tumeric Latte and pure Native Whey Protein – you’re about to obsess over The Healthy Chef’s must-have products!

Shop The Healthy Chef here

Inca Organics

Inca Organics, who rightly so describe their brand in three words as ‘nothing to hide’, offers premium, certified organic superfoods and protein powders with minimal ingredients.

Founded by Anca Anderson, Inca Organics started as a means of providing products that were clean, wholesome and organic. And nothing else.

Anca says, ‘We felt overwhelmed in a market that is overcrowded by products and mass brands with seemingly impressive ingredients lists and unrealistic promise that fell short of expectation.’

Voting to make a difference and stand out in the market as transparent and true to their word, Inca Organics ‘decided to stand out and make a difference. A clean label with minimal ingredients, fully traceable and transparent. Effective formulations with only 1-5 pure ingredients of the highest quality.’

Anca adds: ‘We start at the beginning, by focusing on where our ingredients come from, to ensure you receive the highest quality, certified organic protein possible. We monitor each step from paddock to plate so the ultimate quality is maintained.’

Fun Fact: ‘Something I am incredibly proud of but not many people would know is that INCA ORGANICS was the #1 to launch a certified organic whey protein powder in Australia. So introducing a clean and organic alternative into sports nutrition,’ Anca shares.

The products: From Organic Whey Natural Protein Powders in delicious flavours including cacao and coconut to Organic Protein Raw Hemp Superfood Powder, get ready for the boost you need with a taste that’ll have you coming back for more!

Shop Inca Organics here.

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