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By Jess Arrowsmith • 1 year ago • WELLNESS

Like sneakers to socks and hair ties to sweaty workout sessions, It’s about time Stylerunner unites their cult curation of activewear & sneakers with their ultimate partner in prime: wellness.

From putting on your favourite gym outfit to adding the latest protein powder or collagen formula to your on-the-go breakfast smoothie, Stylerunner is your one-stop-shop for all things trending style, health, fitness and wellness.

So, what exciting new wellness brands are we welcoming to the Stylerunner family? We’ve broken it down by category to make it a little less overwhelming and help you decide what you need to add to cart & exactly why.

To start, let’s talk all-things Inner Beauty.  From immunity support to therapeutic & essential daily vitamins, beauty-fuelling prebiotics, miracle collagen and beyond, meet the brands you’re about to start obsessing over… like, now.

The Beauty Chef

If this wellness brand isn’t already on your feel-good radar, it’s definitely about to be. Founded by Carla Oates as a means for offering holistic health and wellbeing options without the nasties (toxic chemicals, etc.) in skincare, The Beauty Chef was born.

Working as a beauty editor for a mainstream newspaper about 19 years ago, Carla started researching natural alternatives and the benefits of looking after your skin with clean ingredients and plant compounds that can rejuvenate skin from the inside out. She then decided to only write about natural and organic health and beauty – talk about being ahead of the trends!

Having suffered from eczema as a child and with her daughter experiencing similar skin issues, Carla went on to investigate the cause.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Carla shares, ‘I put my family on a gut-healing protocol. This included lots of probiotic-rich, Lacto-fermented wholefoods and after including these in our diet regularly, our skin and overall wellbeing improved dramatically.’

Adding: ‘Friends and family started asking me what I was doing differently and why I looked to ‘glowy’ and from there, I began to understand the power of the gut/skin connection. This was the birth of The Beauty Chef’

Fun Fact: ‘The Beauty Chef’s COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost™ doesn’t actually contain collagen but has been scientifically formulated to help increase collagen production!’

Shop The Beauty Chef here.

Adour & Kin

Meet the single-product brand whose recent arrival on the supplement scene has taken it by storm. Debuting with their signature supplement, CSERA Complete Restore, Adour & Kin was built on the philosophies of transparency, purity, safety, efficacy and sustainability.

Started by Paul Gere, the fashion designer by trade landed a role a few years ago that took him across the globe, including the USA, Europe and Asia. During his travels, Paul developed serious gut issues. After being introduced to collagen protein to ‘heal’ the lining of his stomach, he became increasingly interested in understanding more effective products that resulted in a glowing complexion, and healthy ageing. Finding benefits beyond ‘beauty’ Paul went on to find find the most effective clean product that was easily ingestable. Voila!

So, what’s the daily supplement made of? ‘The combination of clinically validated natural ingredients included in our formula is truly unique. All originate from real foods and employ very recent advances in technology to extract and standardise active ingredients, often whilst preserving the whole-food matrix,’ shares Paul.

Adding: ‘We believe absorbing nutrients in this form to be safer than isolated compounds (such as vitamins and other lab generated synthetics) and more effective than simple whole-food powers.’

Fun Fact: ‘A single serve of CSERA Complete Restore contains nearly as much resveratrol as two glasses of red wine! Considering our Red Grape Skin Extract is made from wine industry by-product from vineyards in coastal Southern France ~ you would expect it to be a pretty good drop.’

Shop Adour & Kin here.


Now here’s a brand that not only benefits your health but also the environment – talk about a double whammy and feel-good brand!

Founded by Saasha Bruns and Sammy Leetham, BEAR brings together wellness essentials for the modern professional. The brand prides itself on its clean, minimalist aesthetic, each ingestible, natural skincare and single-origin super powders are designed to fit seamlessly into your mourning routine.

The proudly Certified B Corporation (which means they meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose) sources ingredients from all around the world.

The best bit? BEAR’s products are free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, colours and so much more!

Fun Fact: BEAR donates a fixed dollar amount from each product sold to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to help protect and conserve the natural wonders of the world.

Shop BEAR here.

Imbibe Living

Imbibe, quite literally defined as ‘drink’ in the dictionary, was founded by Felicity Evans and comes with an incredible backstory story.

Felicity is an internationally published author on gut health, probiotics and skin. Her book, Probiotic Drinks at Home, is available in five countries and three languages! Felicity had a desire to heal her tummy troubles, an autoimmune condition and all sorts of other health challenges that left her feeling and looking less than her best. From this, Imbibe was born.

From developing her own Inner Beauty Range, that was developed alongside a team of scientists, she’s now living a healthy, wholesome life.

Imbibe was founded with a single purpose: to offer next-generation pure bio-active and bio-available products that are as beautiful as they are potent.

Promising only the best, Imbibe’s products are bio-active, bio-fermented, backed by science, probiotic-rich, sugar-free, great for gut health and gluten-free!

Meet the products: Beauty Renewal & Miracle Collagen. The Inner Beauty Duo has been formulated with a team of microbiologists and scientists to deliver a range that works synergistically to plump and firm skin, while nourishing the health of your gut with every sip.

Shop Imbibe here

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