Stylerunner is now serving wellness: Let’s talk all things hair, skin & nails!

Say hello to glossy hair, strong nails & dewy skin!

By Jess Arrowsmith • 1 year ago • WELLNESS

Like sneakers to socks and hair ties to sweaty workout sessions, It’s about time Stylerunner unites their cult curation of activewear & sneakers with their ultimate partner in prime: wellness.

From putting on your favourite gym outfit to adding the latest protein powder or collagen formula to your on-the-go breakfast smoothie, Stylerunner is your one-stop-shop for all things trending style, health, fitness and wellness.

So, what exciting new wellness brands are we welcoming to the Stylerunner family? We’ve broken it down by category to make it a little less overwhelming and help you decide what you need to add to cart & exactly why.

On the agenda: Hair, skin & nails. From turning your thin lifeless strands into strong, glossy tresses to strengthening your nails and glowing with dewy skin from the inside out, scroll through all the brands you’re about to * add to cart * instantly and fall in love with over and over again.

Vida Glow

Founded by Anna Lahey, the idea for Vida Glow first sparked when the entrepreneur discovered marine collagen during a holiday in Japan.

‘Collagen supplements are readily available in Japan, in pharmacies and supermarkets. I noticed collagen drinks available at the gym, and was even asked at a restaurant if I wanted my soup infused with collagen.’

Anna became intrigued by collagen supplementation and after speaking to a qualified pharmacist who detailed some of the benefits to her.

Anna shares: ‘She explained that Japanese women have been using marine collagen for its health benefits for over 300 years. They even thank the supplement for their extended life expectancy.’

Trialling the supplement for herself, she adds: ‘My lifestyle habits hadn’t changed, and within three weeks, I began seeing results’

From experiencing results included a dramatic decrease in hair loss, improvement in her skin feeling more hydrated and plump and her brittle nails growing healthily, Anna sought out to create Vida Glow.

What started with just a collagen offering, Vida Glow has gone on to formulate quality protein powder and functional beauty powders.

Shop Vida Glow here

Life Botanics

Life Botanics produces Australia’s leading high-quality organic vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements – and you’re about to be hooked.

Here’s why: Designed for women, Life Botanics products are water extracted (and just water!), organic and whole (meaning all the nutrients stay in-tact and preserved), bioactive with high absorption (meaning, you only take what you need and nothing more!) and are GMP, chemical and pesticide-free (in other words, no nasties whatsoever).

From Daily Woman Capsules complete with 17 essential vitamins and minerals sourced from organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals to Organic Maca Tablets designed to boost your energy and endurance, improve your mood and increase fertility, Life Botanics offer all the goodness in the form of a single daily vitamin.

Shop Life Botanics here


Meet the tastiest gummies that team up to work wonders for your strands.

 Bursting with natural berry flavours and packed with vitamins and minerals to support the health of your hair, each gummy contains a jam-packed dose of Vitamin C, A, E, biotin and Zinc to support the health of your skin and nails too.

How does it work? The gummies asssit in hair growth, follicle strength and glorious strength. Wake up, chew on two delicious blue little hair gummies and be on your way toward healthy hair with added skin and nail benefits too. Easy, effective and totally delicious!

As for the ingredients, Haircarebear is proudly vegetarian, soy-free, gluten-free, gelatin free and non-GMO.

Shop HairCareBear here

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