Are you working out the wrong way?

4 foolproof tips for getting the most out of your workout, every time!

By Jess Arrowsmith • 3 months ago • HEALTH & FITNESS

When it comes to working out, there are a few more factors that require consideration before jumping head first into the gym, studio, local park or wherever your sweaty session is set to take place.

Have you fuelled yourself with adequate food and the right type of energy source? Have you got the correct pair of runners and activewear to meet the needs of your work out? Have you got headphones that’ll power you through your workout?
Keep reading to check you’re ready to smash your PB and feel your best for your workout.

Fuel your body

Whether you’re a morning exerciser, an afternoon workout guru or a late night sweaty session goer, ensuring you’ve provided your body with enough energy to fuel your workout is first and foremost key. Without adequate energy and the right type of energy, you’re setting yourself up for a less-than-best workout.
Some people find it hard to eat breakfast before a morning workout – try a protein shake or half a banana and allow a good thirty minutes for your body to digest the food/liquid before kickstarting your workout.
Equally as important as fuelling your workout before, is refueling your body after sweating up a storm. Eating a wholesome, protein-dense meal will help your muscles recover and ensure they don’t deplete! Think roast chicken, kale & rice!

Wear the right activewear and sneakers

There’s a place and time for everything – especially activewear! Make sure you pick workout-specific fabrics, styles, and cuts to best suit your needs. For example, if you’re hitting the studio for Pilates, you’d be looking for comfortable, flexible and sweat-proof materials to move with you. If you’re running, look for breathable fabrics that are light, sweat-wicking and that flow with your running movement.
Equally, if not more important, is making sure you’re wearing the correct sneakers for your workout! For example, a training shoe shouldn’t be worn for long distance runs and buoyant supportive sneakers are best not used for lifting or strength training.

Tip: If in doubt, Stylerunner offers endless options in categories designed to help you pick your perfect workout outfit!

Support your workout with noise cancelling, sweatproof headphones

It’s safe to say that music helps push you through your workout that little bit more – well for some us, a lot more! Between blocking out the sound of your own breath and moving that extra bit faster to the beat of your motivating music, noise cancelling headphones are a must! But it’s important you buy the right type of headphones to ensure they support your workout, rather than distract from it. Between being sweatproof, comfortable, burpee- and running- proof, there’s a lot to tick off.

We’re currently loving Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless. The gamechanger headphones continue to change the game through the fusion of advanced technology, uncompromised sound performance, and the highest quality materials. And yep, they’re totally burpee proof – tried and tested!

Recovery is key!

After any workout, recovery is the key to ensure you can keep up your fitness goals without compromising on your body, strength, energy levels and overall wellbeing.

First up, stretch after your workout! The best time to stretch is directly after a workout while your body is warm and receptive. Next, make sure you hydrate a lot, drinking more water than you probably feel you need. After any workout, you’ll lose sodium and supplementing with magnesium is always a helpful hack for quick performance recovery. If you’ve worked out a lot or have just completed a massive run, we also love recovering our muscles with ice baths and Infrared Saunas. From improved physical recovery from injury and an increase in our mental and physical resilience, the positive benefits are proven to totally outweigh the unpleasant few minutes of contrast exposure. Learn more here. We’re currently loving Cultivate Recovery.



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