It’s not too late to join the Push-Up Challenge!

Join us & help raise awareness for mental health

By Jess Arrowsmith • 2 months ago • HEALTH

If you haven’t heard the word on the street, your July is about to be filled with a lot of push-ups for a good cause – 3,128 in fact.

But what is The Push-Up Challenge? We speak to the founder of the initiative Nick Hudson to find out everything you need to know to get involved and support mental health this July.

‘The inspiration for this challenge came from my father He suffered from depression for decades and kept it a secret from my brother and I. When I found out about it, I did some research on mental health and learnt a lot about it.’

‘I was shocked to learn the number of suicides that occur in Australia each year. In 2017 the number of Australians who took their own lives was 3,128.’

So, why push-ups?

‘Some mates and I were doing push-ups as part of a regular fitness thing and I decided to turn it into something more.’

‘Push-ups are a good all-around exercise and they can be done just about anywhere. At home, in the park, at work, at a restaurant, you name it.’

But it’s not about the push-ups, it’s about building awareness surrounding mental health while bringing people together.

‘If you’re not great at push-ups, you’re welcome to still take part and do something instead of push-ups.’

‘Our aim from the challenge is to get more people talking about mental health and educate participants around mental health through the challenge (we provide a different mental health tip each day)’

‘We want to get people active – there is a well-proven correlation between physical and mental health, to raise funds for headspace, The National Youth Mental Health Foundation and to get involved.’

‘You can register through our website or donate to the cause. We’re hoping to raise over $1 million this year!’

To register for The Push-Up Challenge, click here



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