Travelling this winter? You need to be taking these 5 things on the plane

From healthy snacks to magnesium & a quality probiotic!

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When I jump on a plane, there are definitely a few things I never forget to bring on board! They help me to keep me on track and feeling healthy in an attempt to avoid the nasties that flying can bring.

Here are 5 things that I always bring

1. Healthy snacks!

I like to stick to my regular way of eating, which is free of sugar and gluten so I prefer to just assume I won’t eat the plane meal! Therefore, I like to eat before I get on board if I can and then bring on snacks like almonds, 90% dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds and a piece of whole fruit.

2. Intermittent fast + coffee

If it’s a morning flight, once again, I love to stick to my routine and do an intermittent fast! This involves eating nothing (but a coffee with MCT oil) until lunchtime. I don’t have to miss out on my morning coffee with MCT oil when I bring my Beforeyouspeak Coffee on board! Literally a lifesaver. I love it. It keeps me energised and also love the fact that it has anti-inflammatory compounds (turmeric) and the herb Siberian ginseng, an adaptogen that helps your body regulate your stress hormone, cortisol.

3. Water!

Although this might sound boring or obvious, you have to keep in mind the cups that they bring you are far too tiny, so it’s hard to stay efficiently hydrated if you don’t bring your own supply of water on board. Ensuring you are drinking water throughout the flight will help keep you hydrated when you need it most.

4. A magnesium supplement!

Magnesium can help your body relax, which may help your body cope with the anxiety that can come with flying. It can also help to induce sleep, which, lets be honest, most of us need in those small up-right chairs!  I like to take one that is at least 200mg.

5. A good quality probiotic!

And one that is shelf stable. I like to have one on the plane and then enough for 1 a day whilst on the holiday. They help to keep digestion working optimally and your immune system strong to fight the multitude of bugs that are on planes!

This article was written by Rebecca Miller of Health with Bec

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