Here’s why women are dominating the boxing-led fitness movement

We chat with Australian pro boxer Danny Green

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Danny Green is the internationally acclaimed Australia professional boxer who founded hot-topic fitness franchise 12RND Fitness. We had a chat with the health and fitness trainer about the benefits of how boxing can transform your body, the positive mental and physical outcomes, self-confidence and the reason why women are leading the boxing-led fitness movement – Yep, GIRL POWER.

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How can boxing transform your body?

‘As a sport, boxing is one of the most demanding in the world because it requires strength, power, endurance and agility. In boxing, you use your full body in every moment because that’s where the power comes from, so you have to incorporate cardio, and quick, explosive movements in your strength training to teach your body to move correctly and maximise every punch. This variety, in conjunction with the physical requirements of the sport, ensures that you are continually challenging your body which is what gets you results.’

Is there a mental aspect you can talk to about discipline in boxing?

‘Successful fighters get to the top because of their mental strength, you can’t just rely on skill and ability. As a professional boxer, you need the mental strength to overcome the duress on your mind from being in such a demanding sport. You need your body and your mind to be in peak shape. Similarly, when you train like a boxer, you have to be strong enough mentally to push your body past its limits to achieve the right form and technique. Boxing is a lifelong skill progression, you can always improve on your boxing abilities, so it takes determination and commitment to be great.’

What can boxing do for you mentally?

It all depends on why you are boxing. What drives you?’

‘Boxing competitively, I’ve met fighters that have turned their lives around, people who were once looking at jail time for their past life choices who found themselves in boxing and now have families and full-time jobs after their fighting career. This is because of the sheer discipline and respect they were forced to practice in boxing as a sport; it transformed their lives. Even more, when you consider the physical punishment fighters endure, it sharpens your mind to be stronger and builds resilience.’

‘When you box for fitness, it’s still a similar feeling to that of a fighter, but without the need to get hit or ever step in the ring. It’s you VS you. Each day you fight harder to be better than you were the day before.’

What are the basic skills necessary for self-defense?

‘It’s about self-confidence. As you develop your skill in the sport of boxing, you develop a lot of confidence in your abilities and also build greater confidence as you continue to get stronger.  The most dangerous and vulnerable time for a fighter is when you throw a punch, so you have to be very aware of where you are and where your opponent is when you throw a punch. You have to be conscious of where you move your head, your body and where your hands are. It’s about staying ready and being aware of where your opponent is, and learning to predict what they’re going to do next. What we teach in 12RND is how to put these skills in practice without ever getting hit. Our members do pad work with our Coaches where they learn to evade strikes and move like a fighter. This boosts your hand-eye coordination, reflexes and spatial awareness of where you are, and where you need to be. You have more confidence in avoiding punches and have a greater ability to get yourself out of trouble. ‘

Are you seeing an increase in females getting involved in boxing?

‘Absolutely, our member base is 65% of female. We noticed a particular increase when more and more celebrities were seen incorporating boxing into their training because of the results they would get, but more than anything we find that our female members are drawn to the feeling of being a fighter. ‘

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