Boost your metabolism with these foolproof tips

From apple cider vinegar to ditching the treadmill for HIIT sessions!

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Did you know dietary intervention and specific exercises could improve liver and gut functioning, which are vital for boosting fat metabolism? Body Catalyst Nutrition Coach Amy McKendrick shares her must-know tips that actually work – tried and true!

1. Start your morning with apple cider vinegar

Stir 1-2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar into a glass of warm water. Adding a squeeze of lemon, crushed ginger or a tsp of honey can improve its taste.  The acid in the vinegar improves gastrointestinal health and promotes the growth of friendly bacteria.

2. Increase healthy sources of protein at each meal

Protein not only keeps us reaching into the biscuit jar come 4 pm but also helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass. The good news is the more muscle we have the higher our metabolic rate. Aim for 30g at every meal.

3. Swap hours on the treadmill to HIIT

 Perfect for those with limited time, HIIT is the fast and furious of the workouts. Follow the rule of 20 seconds of high-intensity activity, pushing yourself to 80% of your maximum, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat 10 times and perform 3 repetitions of this sequence for a 15-minute fat burner.

4. Supplement? Yes please!

My top supplement for promoting fat elimination is Vita Sol’s healthy liver and gut support. In her range of products, Fiona Tuck targets two major pathways responsible for excess fat elimination and Body Catalyst loves the organic combination of alkaline greens and sprout blend that maintains proper liver and gut function. It incorporates a holistic approach to achieving your body goals to target specific concerns and to provide the latest scientific and nutritional research.


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