Don’t love running? These tips will get you going!

'HIIT training can really take your running to the next level!'

By Jess Arrowsmith • 3 months ago • HEALTH & FITNESS

Running season is coming up and if you are new to running or want to improve, there are so many things you can do to prepare that go beyond running itself.

Strengthening your body in other areas, such as with weight training, recovery and stretching are also important in regards to getting the best results.

Most the time if you’re not already a regular runner, you most likely hate it because it hurts, but here are a few tips to get you into running even if you absolutely despise it!

Have a plan

Planning out your week of exercise on a Sunday afternoon can be the key to a successful week of training. If you are preparing for a running event, plan around 2-3 days of running, which can be mixed into a sprinting day, a long run day and a fartlek training day. On the other days consider doing a HIIT or strength workout and have a day of rest.

Adala from Zadi Training says ‘If you’re competing in any running events this year and need that extra bit of help, doing a HIIT workout can really take you running performance to the next level. HIIT training is great for making your muscles stronger all over, plus it is great for strengthening your cardiovascular system which of course will help you become a stronger runner.’

Core and leg strength is integral for helping a runner maintain good form and stay in alignment during longer training sessions. HIIT will also assist in building endurance and stamina, include interval training into your HIIT cardio sessions”.

On the other days, you may want to practice walking, stretching or yoga to help you recover and relieve your muscles. Make sure you stretch or roll out after every training session too.

Baby steps

Take it day by day, don’t over do it as you may burn out, especially when you are new to it. So many of us, make the mistake of going all out, which can then lead you injury, burn out or even you dreading having to go out there again to train

Start slow. On your first long run day, you might just do 5KM and that may be a mix of walking and running intervals. You may even choose to start with 1 minute running to 2 minutes of walking then increase the running time as you progress and notice yourself getting fitter, which you will!

Workout with a bestie

Sometimes it’s hard to get the motivation to actually work out, that’s why having a training buddy to motivate you can do the trick. Even sending each other motivational quotes or pictures could be the answer, or find a gym that you both love! Having someone you share your workout with is also good when you are having an off day and you just don’t feel like working out, they may motivate you to go to the gym when you may not have wanted too! Plus if they sign up to your running event with you, you will both have a concrete date which you have to train for

Distract yourself

If you’re someone who gets bored when working out then try distracting yourself by listening to a really good podcast or listening to a killer playlist on Spotify,  country music may be your thing or some old school R&B. Until you learn to love running or exercise in general, add in some elements of other things you enjoy to get you started.

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