TREND ALERT: 5 unique yoga experiences to try

From silent yoga discos to goat yoga and wine & stretch!

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Research on yoga continues to roll out its benefits, we know that it helps stimulate the Vagus nerve which taps into our rest and digest parasympathetic hormone, it improves our strength and flexibility and allows us to practice a meditative state. For those who find yoga isn’t for them or for those who want to mix up their yoga routine in favour of something a little different, then you may like to try these unique options.

1. Silent Yoga Disco

Imagine practicing yoga in the dark, with luminated noise-canceling headphones to the sounds of soothing beats. Flow After Dark is back and has partnered with Vivid Sydney with a 90-minute vinyasa style yoga class taken by Australia’s leading instructor Kate Kendall and accompanied by DJ James Mack who will be on the decks. Situated at Pier One, under the lit up harbour bridge, this event is a truly unique yoga experience.

2. Goat Yoga

How could you say no to yoga with baby goats? There are specific poses in yoga whereby the goats instinctively climb your body, for example, cat & cow, child’s pose, bridge pose or savasana. Pet therapy is increasingly being prescribed to people as a form of mental health treatment, due to its oxytocin releasing qualities. Connecting with animals also promotes soothing qualities as well as reduces stress in individuals. Watch Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner make the experience a must-try here.

3. Stand-Up-Paddle Yoga

This may already be tried and tested, but come the cooler months, the water is crystal clear and provides even more incentive not to fall off. Plus, wetsuits these days are in vogue. SUP yoga is great for any yogis who want to test their core strength as balance is essential to staying dry.

4. Wine & Stretch

It’s all about balance, right!? Be rewarded by your vinyasa efforts with a glass of vino after a class and let your body really mellow. As the days get cooler, what could be better than waking up after savasana, wrapped in blankets and being served a glass of red. This is the type of class to bring a non-yogi and make them a yogi.

5. Sunrise Yoga with a View

Be a tourist in your own city, while simultaneously testing your focus and balance. Situated in Sydney’s Tower Eye in Westfield, enjoy 360-degree views of Sydney as you downward dog. Perfect for those who work in the city, or if you have friends visiting, blend exercise and sightseeing, two birds one stone. It’s easy to become distracted, which will test your ability to maintain a meditative state and enjoy the views over breakfast after.

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