Leading female athletes on the rise of women in sport

Sally Fitzgibbons, Madison de Rozario, Danielle Scott and Liz Clay weigh in!

By Jess Arrowsmith • 3 months ago • HEALTH & FITNESS

When it comes to girl boss’, women in sport are taking the lead and making series strides.

In particular, Sally Fitzgibbons, Madison de Rozario, Danielle Scott and Liz Clay, who cover an array of athletic abilities and skill sets are showing boys who’s boss – and we’re all about it.

As part of Under Armour’s empowering Together We Will campaign, the four fitness faces recently joined forces to curate a workout, incorporating their different core discipline, work-out style and passion. Why? to connect women and inspire a whole new method of collaborative training. How. Damn. Cool.

After sweating up a storm, we had a chat with the female sports stars to hear what they had to say about the rising female-led fitness industry and to find out what motivates them. Keep reading to find out more!

What do you believe are the biggest opportunities for women in sport?

Danielle Scott: To use our own unique power and strength to establish careers. Previously, men were easily able to establish a career in sport while women’s sport wasn’t as highly regarded. We are now recognised as our own league and have the ability to showcase our unique talents. I believe we are our own kind of athlete as females and can use that to our advantage in attracting different elements to sport.

Sally Fitzgibbons: I love meeting other athletes and hearing their stories and the often funny adventures that led them to the place they are at now. For a few years, I ran a charity event called the Celebration of Women in Surf as I felt the past generations of women and their stories weren’t being told and were in danger of being lost. We know the athlete performances are there so I think the biggest opportunities are in telling the athlete stories.

Madison de Rozario: I feel like there’s a space opening up for women in sport at the moment. Where people are wanting to see us. People are investing, realising there’s real value. Sport also holds a really interesting place in society where it can have such a huge impact on so many people. I think constantly showing strong, ambitions, authentic women will make a world of difference.

Liz Clay: There has been a huge increase in coverage of women’s sport on TV as well as through social media platforms. Instagram is an amazing way for women to share achievements, encourage others and connect with brands who may be able to support them through their career – something that used to be hard to come by.

What motivates you to succeed?

Danielle Scott: To be my best self and live my best life with, of course, having a blast whilst doing it.

Sally Fitzgibbons: The people in my environment and the environment itself.

Madison de Rozario: Constant growth, always. Knowing I can be better, stronger, faster, smarter. Finding out exactly how much I am capable of and how far I can push myself.

Liz Clay: I am motivated by the thought of not reaching my full potential. I would hate to end my career knowing there was more, so I work hard every day to make sure that doesn’t happen. We only have so long to be an athlete so you have got to make it count.

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