First Base founder Ali Cotton on building a sustainable active and athleisure wear brand

‘With over 1292kg of plastic waste recycled’

By Jess Arrowsmith • 11 months ago • STYLE

“We started to produce ethically for one simple reason – because we give a shit.  I realised we could be doing a lot better as a brand, and now, for us there is no other way to produce”, says, First Base founder and designer, Ali Cotton.

Ali first started to implement ethical and sustainable business and design and manufacturing approaches in 2015 and today the brand is proud to report that since then, their practices have resulted in:

  • 684,777 days of drinking water saved
  • 1292kg of plastic waste recycled
  • 1018 trees planted

So, how do they do this?

  • First Base uses organic cotton and recycled fibres to create the range of sports lifestyle and by doing so use on average 30% less water than virgin fabrics do.
  • Econyl is changing the game by repurposing things ilke fishing nets and wetsuits that have reached the end of their life span into recycled yarn that is used to create performance fabrication that First Base use in the majority of their Activewear.
  • First Base implemented a plant-a-tree program to assist in off-setting our carbon footprint with Carbon Neutral Australia and every time you shop with First Base, they plant a tree on your behalf.
  • Being ethical and sustainable extend outside the factoties and into the studio whereby every paper item used is recycled paper, all packaging products are made using recycled paper, down to the polybags used are D2W biodegradable meaning they will completely degrade leaving no harmful traces on the environment.

Breaking it down even further to understand how wearing a brand like First Base, you are contributing to positive change and impacts on the environment.

For every tee and tank produced using organic cotton:

  • 66.3 days of drinking water saved
  • 3.8km of emissions avoided
  • 45 days of LED bulb energy saved

For every performance legging using recycled fibre:

  • 3.3 days of drinking water saved
  • 20.1km of emissions avoided
  • 294.0kg of plastic waste recycled

“As a brand we are transparent, we have nothing to hide and are proud of our manufacturing processes. All First Base and First Base Fit garments are designed in Bondi and our garments are manufactured in various part of China and are proudly ethically produced,” said Cotton. 

Now First Base is all about spreading the message that ethical production is achievable and should be something that is at the forefront of every customers’ mind. Doing thing’s the right way is the only way and First Base are not only making noise about their production practices but have also made big positive changes across their business as they move towards environmental sustainability. Living by the moto #itscooltobekind First Base is proud to lessening their environmental impact.

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