Let Flightmode’s new Metropolis collection elevate your Pilates game

& shop the looks before they sell out!

By Jess Arrowsmith • 5 months ago • STYLE

If you haven’t seen the collection splashed across Instagram by some of your favourite fit-fluencers, you’re in for a real treat.

From blush hues to pops of fluoro pink, each look is designed to take both your workout and style to an entirely new level. Paired with monochromatic hues and a to-die-for navy in all the right places, the collection’s real MVP lies in the way of its flattering and fashion-forward design.

From turtleneck to scoop cuts and new style back straps, Metropolis is the game changer trifecta of comfort, functionality and innovation.

‘Echoes of a bionic woman play a pivotal role throughout with sculpting elements, skyscraper waistlines and definitive silhouettes that really drive forward the notion of the strong femme capable of taking on this world and the next,’ says Stylerunner’s senior designer Claire Drake.

As for the collection’s standout and novel designs, Claire explains: ‘Spacer yarns are introduced for the first time, as well as textural panels to add a sense of movement.’

Adding: ‘ Colourblocked panels add a sculptural/trompe l’oeil effect and our best selling square neck crop has been updated with integrated straps to allow for the curves to take centre stage.’

Stylerunner’s Garment Technician Stephanie Fosdike says the approach to the collection is entirely based on user experience and creating a breakthrough product that’s both aesthetically desired and highly functional.

‘This collection was all about refining designs and developing construction methods to stand out within the market (fit for purpose and aesthetic). ‘

She further explains the importance of customer feedback,  adding: ‘We work back-and-forth with our customer to ensure we’re creating and building a well-considered product. We’re constantly evolving and this collection speaks to that.’

With sizes selling out fast, be sure to ‘add to cart’  all your fave pieces while you still can.

Shop the looks below:

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