5 tips for learning to accept & love yourself

Georgia Gibbs weighs in on self-acceptance, letting go of judgement and quitting comparisons

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Georgia Gibbs has rallied traction for more than just her stunning looks, with her social media boasting over 615K followers. She’s known for keeping her followers across her day-to-day life and  not always honing in on the glossy and fabulous side. Always keeping things real on her platform, Georgia makes sure to let her followers know when she’s had any of her pictures edited – and exactly what touch ups have been made with a ‘#Filtered’.

But her confidence hasn’t come from nowhere, Georgia dealt with a number of insecurities, learning to accept and love herself. After feeling held back by skin insecurities, she made the active decision to not let it define her, rather make her. Below, Georgia shares her top 5 tips for learning to love and accept yourself just the way you are:


There is no doubt that learning to love yourself is a journey. There is also no doubt that throughout your life you will be faced with challenges that will disrupt that journey and that’s okay. It has taken me years of learning to understand that these disruptions are nothing more than that – disruptions! So whilst I encourage you to love the skin that you are in, I know that at times it’s really bloody hard. That’s why I created Joy, a program designed to help you embrace you for everything that you are.


Here are 5 of my biggest tips to help you with your self-love journey:


  1. Start with self-acceptance

I’m not here to preach to you to love yourself tomorrow because I understand at times how hard that can be. I’m here to encourage you to practice learning to accept your situation. When you learn to accept, you begin healing from that insecurity and your mindset makes a shift. From there we can build a healthy foundation in the mind to support a healthy body. For me, this was learning to accept that I was struggling with my skin. Once I accepted that this was something that didn’t need to define me, I felt like a weight was lifted.


  1. Quit the comparisons

This one is especially hard in our social media-driven society but we all have to learn to do this. Remember, no one is you and that is and will always be your power. No one can replicate that. If you are following people that make you feel worse about yourself, not better, remove them from your social media. Follow people who inspire and empower you and I promise you will notice a difference.


  1. Do something for YOU every single day

I find this is a big self-esteem builder. I encourage you to focus your energy on something every day that makes YOU feel good and puts YOU first. Maybe you enjoy being by the ocean, getting a coffee at your favourite place or cooking a delicious meal. Do something every day purely to fulfill yourself.


  1. Let go of judgement

This is a big one. We all judge people, it’s part of our nature and the “first impression policy” we were brought up with. Believe it or not, learning not to judge is so powerful and the more you accept others for everything they are (whether you like it or not) the more you will love and accept yourself.


  1. Surround yourself with a positive community

Whether it’s online, at home or in your friendship circle, never underestimate the power of those around you. Your mindset is a product of the people you spend most of your time with so unfollow those accounts that don’t make you feel amazing and those people who don’t lift you the way you lift them.

I still have days where I doubt myself or feel insecure, who doesn’t? Knowing that these days will pass and that nothing bad lasts forever. Doing the 5 things above reminds me that I control how I feel and that the bad days won’t stick around for long.

Georgia added the hashtag ‘Filtered’ to the above image, showcasing to her followers that Instagram isn’t necessarily what it appears to be. 

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