Kate Kendall’s beginner’s guide to meditation and yoga

Plus, everything to know about her new book Life in Flow

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If you don’t know her as Kate Kendall, you may know her as Active Yogi. Passionate about teaching the art of slowing down, the yoga guru just launched her book ‘Life in Flow’ and we’re certain you won’t be able to put down. On all-things inspiration, sequences and poses to bring yoga into your every day life, Triple White had a chat with Kate to learn a few meditation and yoga tips (especially for those always ‘on the go’), as well as a few fun facts we bet you didn’t know about the blonde beauty.
With an extensive resume, including co-founder of Flow Athletic in Sydney’s Paddington and host of podcast The Space Between, keep reading for our full interview with one of Australia’s most respected yoga teachers. Plus, check out her new book too!


How did you get into yoga? Was there a driving force or was it an interest that grew with practice/understanding?

Simply put, I got into yoga out of vanity. I’d heard it would give me longer, lean muscles and tight abs but I had no idea how changing it would be for my mind – and that’s why I stayed. Pretty much immediately I noticed the mental clarity and I began to stress the small stuff less. Plus when I started I’d been on anti-depressants for a few years and after a month of practicing yoga I came off them. Yoga became my medicine and still is.

What does meditation mean to you?

Stillness and truth pulling. I sit so that I can let myself catch up and in that stillness, a lot of truths come up including how I’m actually feeling on that day and the tone or quality of the thoughts I’m having. Sometimes this is confronting and icky but I never regret a meditation practice.

What five tips would you give to anyone looking to learn to practice meditating?

Don’t give up because you can’t stop your thoughts. Do you want to know the truth? Even the most spiritually evolved (whatever that means!) of people have thoughts in meditation. The goal isn’t to stop them, the goal is to become less attached to them and realise that most of them are just illusions – just stories that we’re making up out of fear.


Your book is gorgeous – what do you hope it offers people?

Inspiration to live wholeheartedly through the practices of yoga and all of its rich philosophies. I would love to hear of readers changing little bits and pieces of their every day to live more a more yogic path – because I think if there were more yogis in the world, it would be a better place.

What does ‘flow’ mean to you?

Freedom. It means being in a state of flow – a state in which we’re listening to ourselves and others and making choices based on our true nature. You know when you’re in this state when things happen in synchronicity; the right people show up, you get presented with awesome opportunities…things just seem to ‘flow’. It’s a state.

What tips would you give to anyone looking to start yoga?

There are so many different styles of yoga and so many teachers. The best thing to do is to ask friends where they go or do some research on what best types of yoga will work for you. And if you don’t find the right class or teachers that works – try again until you find a style and class that resonates.


If you’re time poor, what small hacks would you give to someone looking to incorporate yoga/meditation into their daily routine?

There’s always time to take a ten-second body scan in the morning before you get out of bed in the morning; a moment to appreciate your body and how incredible it is. And you’ve always got time to take one downward facing dog with a few conscious breaths a day.

Tell us a few fun facts that not many people know about you!

  1. I come from a small country town in Southern NSW called Batlow – famous for apples
  2. I can’t wink
  3. I have a brown birthmark on my bottom *(like a cabbage patch kid) that shows in some swimsuits. I used to be so embarrassed by it as a kid but now it’s just a part of my unique style.

To buy Kate’s book click here.


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