Here’s why mushrooms are the hot new superfood

The ‘shroom boom’ is here!

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You’re probably starting to see mushrooms popping up everywhere. They’re making their way into our supplements, café smoothies, lattes, and even our beauty products. While we’ll be holding onto kale, we’re adding the new hot-topic vegetable into our diet and for good reason. You heard it here first, the ‘shroom boom’ is revving up!

But why should we add mushroom products into our diet?


1. They are made by nature, not in a laboratory

A lot of supplements are made from synthetic substances that are created in a laboratory.
These supplements can definitely help people, but I prefer to use a whole food supplement that is made by nature over a synthetic supplement. Our body easily absorbs and digests nutrients that are natural, so adding a mushroom powder to our diets is not only good for your health but you get more bang for your buck.


2. Packed full of nutrients

A natural whole food supplement contains more nutrients than choosing a single vitamin or mineral supplement. Instead of taking a single vitamin supplement or extract, opting for a whole food mushroom supplement has many natural vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that work together for absorption and help our bodies to thrive!


3. Little things called phytochemicals

But wait, what are phytochemicals? These are natural compounds of the plant that help its own survival and luckily for us, these compounds do miraculous things for our bodies too!
An example of a phytochemical in a mushroom is that it is able to protect itself from certain bacteria, and this same phytochemical also helps us to fight certain bacteria.


4. Backed by research and scientific studies

Mushrooms have been consumed for thousands of years and with great reason. They contain an incredible amount of nutrients, which is helping its recent popularity surge. Even though mushrooms have been used in many different cultures since ancient times, modern-day scientists are bringing back the knowledge and finding new research to show their amazing healing powers.


5. Easy to incorporate into your routine.

Perhaps now you’re wanting to jump on this crazy mushroom ride, but are unsure how to add them to your day. You can start by simply adding a mushroom powder to your water, a smoothie, a cooked soup or to your salad dressings or sauces. My favourite is to simply add them into coconut water for all their prebiotic goodness. The sweetness of the coconut water mixes well with the earthy flavour of the mushrooms.

WE LOVE: Set the bar’s EMPOWdER’s range of 100% organic fermented mushroom powder blends are delicious and so easy to integrate into your everyday diet.


This article was written by Maddy King, Nutritionist, Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner and Breath Work Coach

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