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By Jess Arrowsmith • 6 months ago • STYLE

What do you get when you combine one of the world’s leading activewear brands with one of Australia’s leading fitness influencers? A jaw-dropping campaign featuring a curation of must-have wardrobe staples, certain to take you from the gym to recovery in style.
As the exclusive global retailer, Stylerunner put UA’s  brand new sweat-proof, recovery-aiding and high-tech, soccer-inspired collection through the paces with fitness model and Women’s Health cover star, Steph Claire Smith.
With seven limited edition pieces, the collection was taken to the root of its inspiration: the soccer pitch.
Want to know more? Each piece is built with performance materials that dry fast, wick sweat and feel cool. Better yet? Using high technology, the collection was rigorously engineered to fuel muscle restoration after your workout.

Throughout the day, we had a chat with Steph about all-things, her fitness modelling career, her typical day on a plate, where her passion for fitness came from and of course, her fave picks from Under Armour’s limited edition collection.
Keep reading for the full interview below and shop the looks before they sell out because once they go, they’re gone.



How did you transition from more fashion modelling into more health & fitness oriented modelling?

It wasn’t all by choice, it’s just what I’m now booked more for as my body suits fitness over fashion. That’s not to say I don’t still model fashion either, I definitely do. I do prefer shooting fitness and swim though, as it’s more me and I feel comfortable shooting it – maybe clients have caught onto that!


Where did your passion for health and fitness come from?

I’ve always been into sport growing up, I studied sport and health receiving a Victorian Certificate of Education, and originally wanted to be a PE teacher when I left school. So fitness/exercise has always been something I was interested in but when I didn’t have time for team sports anymore, I tried different forms of exercise and found the gym! When I moved overseas for modelling, it was my first time living out of home and so I had to fend for myself and cook for myself every day whilst trying to keep lean for the industry. That’s when I got into healthy eating and my love for cooking. When I got back from the USA, Laura Henshaw and I released our ebook Keep It Clean and the rest is history!


How often do you workout/ how many days a week?

I generally aim to work out 5-6 times a week, but with such a busy schedule I sometimes don’t get that done. I try and be active and move my body in any way I can when I know I won’t be fitting a workout in – I’ll take the stairs over elevators, for example.


What does a typical day on a plate look like for you?

Brekkie: Gluten-free toast with vegemite, eggs and avocado OR a green protein smoothie.

Lunch: A chicken salad or tuna and avocado on rice cakes.

Snacks: Keep it Cleaner Choc Cherry protein bar or popcorn.

Dinner: Grilled meat and roast veggies or a healthy recipe from KIC, such as my green pasta.

Dessert: frozen fruit or our Radical Rocky road from KIC.



What’s your most rewarding health/fitness-related accomplishment to date?

Being on the cover of Women’s Health Australia was a dream come true, and to then be on the cover of Women’s Health UK was icing on the cake! But when it comes to reward, meeting our KIC girls and community and hearing how have helped them is the most rewarding and heartwarming thing ever.


What’s the most rewarding part about being influential in the fitness space?

Definitely hearing that you have helped motivate someone into living a healthier and happier life, or have helped someone along their journey of self-love is the absolute BEST! I love hearing about peoples journeys and how they’re trying to live their best life and love the skin they’re in.


What’s one message you’d share with anyone looking to start/develop their fitness journey?

Just start! It can be terrifying, particularly if you’re totally out of routine… but there’s no time like the present! Fit whatever you can in, when you can. Absolutely never look at exercise as a punishment, look at it as a celebration of what your body can do and appreciate the journey every step of the way. Enjoy the challenges, find the form of exercises you love and my biggest tip of all… have goals outside of physical appearance set! Aim to be stronger, fitter, faster, not skinner, not abs, not a thigh gap. Positive physical change will come if you’re looking after yourself.


What’s your number one guilty pleasure?

Cheeessseee. I love a cheese board. And chocolate of any kind.



Can you speak to the positive/negative sides of social media on body image today?

Social media, unfortunately, is a new space where women (both young and old) are spending hours a day scrolling past and getting sucked into the lives of these ‘ideal’ looking women. Laura and I try and motivate young girls to really look into who they’re following on social media. If you’re insecure and your relationship with yourself is weak then it can be easy to compare yourself to others. So, if you’re following a bunch of girls that you think you want to look like, it can be toxic! But then there is a whole other side to it which can be totally positive and motivating! That’s what we try and do on our personal accounts and especially on KIC now. I think anyone with a strong following has to take the responsibility on and realise that they have an incredibly strong influence on a lot of girls. They don’t necessarily have to jump on the bandwagon of being #real or relatable but they still have to make sure they’re not taking advantage of their position in a negative way.


Fave all-time exercise/workout style?

I love going for a power walk. That’s one form of exercise that I love because it’s a moment to myself and I find it’s my form of meditation. BUT I do love boxing, I just haven’t been able to fit it in lately, and I’m really loving working on my strength lately with some one-on-one personal training sessions with our KIC trainer Danny Kennedy.


What are your favourite styles from the new UA collection/why?

The bike shorts were my favourite piece for sure! I love that they’re seamless at the bottom on the thigh, super light and comfy.


Can you speak to the comfort/ functionality/colour way/styles of the pieces 

Every piece was super comfortable – you can tell there has been a lot of thought that’s gone into the quality of the fabric. Everything felt light but supportive and everything looked super cool. Definitely activewear you could wear day-to-day and not just to the gym.


What do you look for when picking out activewear pieces?

Comfort is key. I won’t wear activewear if it’s not comfortable.


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