4 ways to tap into your subconscious and achieve your health & fitness goals

As told by celebrity therapist, Teymara Wright

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Have you ever noticed that by about mid-February, your New Year health and fitness resolutions start to waiver and old habits and negative thoughts start showing their ugly heads (even though you know better!)? There’s a very simple explanation for this – and the truth is, it’s not really your fault. It’s all to do with your sub-conscious mind.
Your subconscious mind is where you hold all the beliefs about yourself and the world. Regardless of what your conscious mind is up to (and how positive and focused it’s being on your fitness and health), your subconscious mind can sabotage the whole plan without you even realising it.
A lot of the beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind are formed during your childhood and then they are reinforced and cemented as you mature. This can include beliefs about your self-worth and self-confidence, food, your body, ageing and exercising. These thoughts then express themselves in different ways including emotional eating, negative self-talk, disempowering thoughts and self-punishment.
If you want to achieve your wellness goals and find your way to a ‘healthy healthy’ – that is, healthy in the right way, for the right reasons and for your greater happiness – then you need to learn to tap into your subconscious and change that negative programming.
Some of the ways you can tap into your subconscious for great wellness include:

Get clear on what you want for your fitness/health (and by clear, I mean get VISUAL):

Create a vision board of what you want for your health and fitness. They need to be pictorial representations of what you want (no words) as this is how your subconscious mind works best. Collect images that resonate with you with regards to your body and your fitness-levels and spend time with your board each week, imagining yourself experiencing the things you want and putting yourself in the scene of those pictures.

Use an affirmation. Daily:

Now, before your roll your eyes, here’s the truth. Affirmations work. It’s not about what your conscious mind thinks of the affirmation – let it think what it wants. It’s your subconscious mind that needs to hear it – and it’s listening whether you realise it or not. You should hand write your affirmation each day and then read it aloud into the mirror. After that, rip it up and leave the rest to the universe and your subconscious mind.

 Talk to your self like you already are the fit and healthy version of yourself that you want to be:

Your sub-conscious mind does not know the difference between what is true now and what you hope for the future….so by telling it that you have good health, you’re confident, your strong, your body is the shape you want it and so on, it will believe what it hears. And the subconscious is powerful.

Re-evaluate your support circle:

Toxic personalities can contribute to the negative beliefs we hold in our subconscious by reinforcing them. It’s time to get rid of the negative people out of your life.
Teymara Wright is a Qualified Transformational Therapist, a counsellor and a Life/Personal Development Coach who has worked with clients including Michael Jackson, Marcia Hines, Lionel Richie, Gina Liano and runs regular seminars and one-on-one sessions to help people clear the negative psychology that is affecting their health and success so they can manifest the life they want.


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