Here’s how Pip Edwards is tackling Dry Fit Feb

Plus, her day on a plate, fave workout & guilty pleasure!

By Jess Arrowsmith • 6 months ago • HEALTH & FITNESS

Pip Edwards is co-founder of leading Aussie brand P.E Nation and taking the global activewear scene by storm, one pair of super flattering and ever fashionable leggings at a time.
Beyond creating must-have crops, tights, sweaters and tees (just to name a few) Pip’s healthy, active lifestyle has us sticking to our fitness resolutions.
With Dry Fit Feb in full swing – and Pip leading the pack in style – we spoke with the entrepreneur to discover how she sticks to her ever-so healthy diet, and to find out her favourite workouts, guilty pleasures and what her day looks like on a plate.


What does Dry Fit February mean for you, outside of exercising and eating well?

Dry Fit Feb is about a re-focus on myself, my intentions, it’s around clean living and clarity. To start the year in the right mind, set yourself up for success and get yourself on the right trajectory is so important. And when you start to feel good, this feeling is addictive, infectious … and productive!

What are your health and fitness goals over the next month?

I just want to try and maintain a fitness regime and stick to it. It’s going to be tough as I have NYC and London Fashion weeks to attend right in the middle of Feb, but it’s a challenge I’m going to take on. Not drinking and eating clean during these weeks is going to be an even bigger challenge, but I know I can handle it (positive thinking, haha!).

Do you have any health or fitness hacks that work when you’re in a lull and unmotivated?

I try to keep my fitness regime regular so it becomes part of my routine and lifestyle, that way it’s actually part of my day and not seen as an ‘addition’. When I’m unmotivated,I try not to beat myself up but when I’m time poor and being stretched across work and life demands, it’s totally challenging at times. Sometimes, I roll with the lull, then I give myself a big kick up the butt and just do it.


Favourite workout at the moment?

Always and forever Pilates.

What does a day on a plate look like for you during Dry Fit Feb?

I generally try to eat clean. November, December and January were big socialising months and I was in full holiday mode, so my diet and exercise wavered. That’s why I was most excited about Dry Fit Feb to reset, and get back on track.

For breakfast I have 2 boiled eggs with avocado and loads of tobasco.

I snack on hummus, green tahini, cashews and raspberries and popcorn all day.

For lunch, I have a vegan salad (like tabbouleh or just mix of greens veggies) and sometimes even steamed veggies and/or tofu rice paper rolls.

For dinner I start with fresh-cut raw capsicum, cucumber and carrot with lemon, then will have roast veggies (cauliflower, zucchini, chickpeas) and mix them into a salad with a side of Bone broth.

For dessert I eat frozen dates with cashews, and drink lots and lots of ginger tea and licorice tea.

This is my ideal day on a plate. I don’t always stick to this.


What does your workout routine look like during Dry Fit Feb?

I only ever do 3 classes of Pilates. I don’t really have the time to do more than that. In addition, I try to do a few Bondi to Bronte walks. But the focus on Fit Feb for me, is to actually concentrate and perfect my Pilates technique and not get lazy in my workouts and really try my best to be the best.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure that you find hard to give up?

I cannot give up my skim milk mocha from Bourke St Bakery …. It’s just too bloody good. They melt dark chocolate to make the mocha!! And I know it’s not vegan, but I’m just so into it.


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