Take a closer look at Flightmode’s latest Velodrome collection

It's cycling-inspired brilliance!

By Jess Arrowsmith • 3 years ago • STYLE

Flightmode’s latest collection is about to send you into a fit-meets-fashion frenzy.
Showcasing a series of bold, monochromatic hues, Flightmode’s new Velodrome collection is brought to life with feminine touches in pastel lilac and rich teal.
Inspired by cycling, the Velodrome collection nods to the competitive sport, featuring a series of razor-sharp structured styles, designed to make her feel inspired, empowered & strong.
Crafted with premium performance fabrics and novel cuts, it’s safe to say the Velodrome collection deserves a place in every fashion conscious, active girl’s wardrobe.





Love the looks? Click to shop the collection below:














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