7 natural health benefits of magnesium

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Magnesium is involved in over 300 processes in our body – everything from muscle function to blood-glucose control. If we are lacking in this essential mineral, it can often present as some of the conditions below:

Improved Sleep
Magnesium is involved in numerous processes in our body that affect our quality of sleep. The first big one is that it helps to calm the nervous system and hence aide your bodies natural ability to relax and fall into a deep sleep. The second important one is that it plays a role in melatonin regulation. Melatonin is a hormone that is responsible for our sleep-wake cycle. If we are low in Magnesium, it can have an impact on Melatonin production which therefore impacts our quality of sleep and often results in us waking and not feeling rested. We recommend spraying highly concentrated Mmagnesium oil onto your stomach and lower legs every night to help you get that much-needed sleep and wake to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day.
Muscle Recovery
Magnesium plays a big role in muscle contraction and relaxation. If you have been working hard at the gym or simply had a long day at work standing for long periods of time, transdermal magnesium can be quite helpful. Simply spray onto the area that is sore and it absorbs straight through the skin and helps to release the contracted muscle and results in pain reduction.
Sugar Cravings
Magnesium is involved in the metabolism of glucose and the regulation of blood glucose levels. In people experiencing sugar cravings (especially those 3pm ‘quick I need something now before I pass out’ type craving) they can often benefit from increasing their magnesium levels. Once again, you will gain the most benefit if you use magnesium oil every day.
Migraine Prevention and Relief
There are numerous studies that have discovered people who suffer from migraines usually also have low magnesium levels in their brains. Magnesium is often recommended to help prevent migraines from occurring and there are also people who find relief from their migraine symptoms when they have an episode. For prevention, we recommend using our concentrated magnesium oil every day to help prevent an episode. If someone is suffering or feels a migraine coming on, they will get the most benefit by spraying the magnesium oil onto the back of their neck and rubbing a little onto their temples.
Restless Legs
There has been a link discovered between restless legs and the role of magnesium in helping to provide relief of this condition. It is thought to be due to magnesium’s ability to relax muscles and calm the nervous system. Once again, people gain the most benefit if they use the magnesium oil or magnesium balm every night. It’s as simple as spraying or rubbing the balm onto their legs before bed and if they do wake with an episode of Restless Legs we recommend leaving the Oil or Balm beside their bed, rubbing it into their legs and most people report relief within a couple of minutes.
Generalised Aches and Pains
Many people use magnesium oil for generalised aches and pains. Given its ability to relax muscles and calm the nervous systems the two go hand in hand. It’s as simple as spraying onto the affected area and waiting a couple of minutes for relief. The great thing about magnesium for pain is that it doesn’t interact with any other medications and unlike some prescription and over the counter medications it won’t make you drowsy. It’s definitely worth a try.


This article was written by accredited Pharmacist & The Base Collective founder Cassie Sanghvi.


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