9 tips to help you stick to your fitness goals

Make 2019 your year!

By Jess Arrowsmith • 6 months ago • STYLE

It’s 2019 and that means a new year and a new you, so let’s make a real change before it’s too late!
I want to completely change the way you approach your 2019 fitness and health goals. We are all guilty of breaking our New Year’s resolutions at times, so why not focus on goals that will keep you accountable, resulting in new habits and a healthy and happy lifestyle?
1. Set goals.
Take some time to sit down and write down your main goal and five little goals you want to achieve along the way to your big goal. Write both the goal down and when you want to achieve them by – the more detail the better.
2. List 3 Important Reasons Why You Want to Achieve Your Goals.
The reason behind this is to help you realise why you will be working so hard to reach your goals. The 3 important reasons must be things you truly believe in.
Maybe you want to live longer to see your kids grow, maybe you suffer from anxiety and you want to live a more confident life so you can feel calm and content.
Once you write down your reasons, pop them somewhere in your house where you will see them every day – for example, on your fridge or mirror. This will keep you motivated to continue working towards your goals.
3. Create a Supportive Network
Making the decision to change can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming at times, so having a group of positive friends in the background to help encourage you along the challenge will help keep you motivated.
4. Get Active Outside the Gym.
Make it mandatory to go for a walk in the evenings or mornings. This will help you fast track your lifestyle change, creating the new habit help you burn off a few extra calories.
Turn off the phone to incorporate a bit of mindfulness. This helps you live in the present moment.
5. Have a Morning Routine to Follow.
Starting your day the right way will set the pace for how the rest of your day will turn out.
Start your day with things like gratitude, mindfulness & priorities for the day – this will help you start the day in a good mindset and helps you create time management in your life.
6. Eat a Balanced Diet and Occasionally “Treat Yo Self!”
Instead of blowing your diet every weekend, focus on eating foods and recipes that you actually enjoy. Be mindful that you include complex carbohydrates, good fats, protein and micronutrient foods like spinach.
Foods like yoghurt with living bacteria will do wonders for your gut health as well.
Treat yourself, but in different ways. For example, buy yourself new workout wear, a new book or even just an experience such as a surfing lesson as a reward, rather than treating yourself with food.

7. Train Consistently 2-3 times per week for 12 weeks straight.
Let’s be real, losing a lot of weight in 4-6 weeks is just not healthy at all and you’ll most likely gain it all back.
Make the time to commit to a 12-week plan and see the difference as you maintain your progress constantly, compared to someone who follows a fad and plateaus after 6 weeks.
8. Invest in a Personal Trainer for the first 12 weeks.
We all need accountability and having someone to write up a personalised plan just for you and your goals is super important!
9. Work on Your Mind by Reading Self Development Books.
Just like looking after our body with nutrition and training is important, feeding our brains with knowledge is priority number one.
Books based on breaking bad habits, identifying self-sabotaging actions or just generally learning about the body or the effects of nutrition on the body can literally change your life.
If we don’t work on our self mentally we won’t ever really be happy physically and a stronger mind means a stronger commitment to achieving our goals in 2019.
This article is written by Goodlife Health Clubs trainer, Chris Walker.

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