Nike’s Spring ’19 Tech Pack is literally out of this world

Say hello to new-era neon!

By Jess Arrowsmith • 6 months ago • STYLE


When it comes to upping the ante, Nike is always at the forefront of innovation. Solidifying their status yet again, Nike’s Spring 2019 Tech Pack is equally futuristic by way of aesthetic and technical functionality.
With 2019 proving the line between sportswear and fashion is blurred at an all-time high, Nike’s latest Tech Pack meets the two perfectly in the middle.
The collection incorporates new waffle knit and woven fabrics across the range, designed with advanced body motion and mapping techniques. With all the latest-and-greatest features, the collection is easily coined both fashionable and statement-making.

Reinventing the colour wheel, the collection features matching full-length sets made to stand out in neon and metallic hues. Not one for a colour burst? The collection is equally monochromatic, featuring a number of must-have pieces in tonal greys, black & white.
The concept behind the Spring 2019 Tech Pack? Nike design director Jessica Lomax says the collection is designed to mix sportswear, running and training and ‘for the person that’s doing multiple things, who’s multi-dimensional & multi-faceted.’
‘It’s designed so you have the perfect tights that you can run in, or do yoga, or take a plane journey or go to a meeting – whatever it is,’ she shares of the collection.
Adding: ‘We really wanted to create from the base layers. You’ll have your bra and legging and build it up throughout the day with the tank top, the long-sleeve, the jacket!’


Keen to get your hands on pieces from the Nike 2019 Spring Tech Pack?

Shop the styles below:



Imagery via Nike
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