This workout accessory is Victoria’s Secret model approved

No gym needed!

By Brooke MacDonald • 9 months ago • HEALTH & FITNESS

It’s the hot new trend taking fitness centres, at-home workouts and YouTube by storm –  and it burns so good even Victoria’s Secret model Victoria Lee swears by the workout accessory. Putting the word to practice, Exercise Sports Scientist and F45 Trainer Brooke MacDonald put Core Flyte to the test:
When it comes to my training I love all things core. Anything to increase the resistance or instability, my ears are all opened. Weird? I know. But I am a sucker for pain.
My equipment cupboard is full of slider discs, rollers and resistance bands, so to be able to test out the new Core Flyte disc was actually… exciting!

Pictured: Victoria’s Secret model Victoria Lee exercising with Core Flyte 
My first reaction to them was how extremely light they are for such a well-designed, agile piece of equipment. Super easy to transport and take anywhere!
I tested out their full body workout on a carpet in my apartment living room, barefoot!
I started with some squats and lunges as per the workout. Normally due to the amount of pressure and weight from the body, squats and lunges can be quite a sticky movement to do on a slider disc. The small three balls under each disc rolled super smoothly and actually made me feel really light and mobile.
I have found in the past that when trying to move sliding discs there is a lot of grip needed in the foot to keep them moving. Even being barefoot with this I did not feel cramped up at all. A tiny bit of pressure just to keep on the soft rubber part is all you need!
The core section of the work out is what really impressed me. Having the moving roller balls allowed you to get a complete full range of motion in each movement.

You can even roll right out to extension with the discs under your hands and bring them all the way back in (the hardest part). With normal flat surfaced sliders there is no way you can pull yourself back in for the contraction, purely because the friction is too high. The balls completely remove all the friction allowing for smooth movement and a burning core!!
I also tested this on a hard floor (added bonus you can use these on every surface type!) and this just took it to a whole new level. The discs moved even easier creating more instability. I found my secondary stabilizing muscles working harder than before.
The ease of movement in both flexion and extension of each muscle group allowed for an intense full-body burn, and right at home.
Core Flyte will definitely be added to my weekly routine to maintain strength through the stabilizing muscles that switch on during instability!
Feature image via Victoria Lee’s Instagram 

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