Here’s why Tiffiny Hall swears by apple cider vinegar

plus, her day on a plate and tips for easing into a healthy diet

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Tiffiny Hall is one of Australia’s most-loved fitness stars, best known for her killer workout and delicious recipe program, TIFFXO.
Proving her training program really does work, the former Biggest Loser trainer impressively lost 25kgs after giving birth to son Arnold in September 2017.
With over 163K followers, a head-turning figure and a positive attitude to match, Triple White spoke with the health guru to find out why she swears by apple cider vinegar, what a typical day on a plate looks like and her hot tips for easing into a healthy, sustainable routine.

Her delicious recipe book makes you question how healthy dishes can possibly taste so delicious, but what exactly does a typical day on a plate look like for Tiffiny?


‘Lots and lots of water,’ Tiffiny says. Adding: ‘I have apple cider vinegar and a coffee in the morning. For breakfast, I’ll have avocado and an egg-white omelette packed with green veggies.’


‘I’m usually on-the-go for lunch and so I like to pack chicken salads and take them with me,’ the fitness guru says. As for snacking, Tiffiny says: ‘During filming or while I’m working and on-the-run, I snack on nuts and fruit.’


‘For dinner, I like to keep it pretty simple with fish and vegetables or red meat and vegetables.’
Adding: ‘I cook large tray foods for the family every week. I’m currently loving the TIFFXO onion, feta and pumpkin pie. It’s a tray food – like a frittata – that [my family] can snack on throughout the week. Plus, they make good lunch or dinner options too. They’re just good to have in the fringe and prevents unhealthy snacking.’

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Caught in the act of buying ingredients for my TIFFXO Pork & Fennel Bolognese 🍝🤤 I like to think I'm a pro at the weekly shop! (I can even do it in under 5 minutes – who wants to see me do a supermarket sweep? 😂). There's a couple of things I always do: 🛒 Eat before I go shopping. If you go while hungry you're guaranteed to buy everything in sight… I know from experience! So have snack of fruit or nuts before you leave the house. 🛒 Use a smaller basket or trolley. This way you'll only fill it with what you need. Plus carrying a heavy basket will work them guns! 🛒 Have a shopping list. I use my TIFFXO shopping list every week without fail. I love that it automatically generates the list based on your week's meal plan, it really takes the stress out of the grocery run. Definitely one of my favourite features of my online program! What are your tips to nailing the weekly shop? Let me know 👇

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Swearing by apple cider vinegar, Triple White got to the bottom of why the potent-tasting pre-breakfast fad has taken over the health and fitness scene recently.
‘I have been having apple cider vinegar every morning, ever since I was a teenager,’ Tiffiny shares. Adding: ‘My grandmother told my mum about it, my mum did it and then told me about it. It’s been a part of my morning ritual for as long as I can remember.’
On why she loves it, Tiffiny shares: ‘I just find that it really does help my gut. It’s got a lot of good probiotics in it, it’s got potassium, and I do find that it sets my gut up for the day.’
As for busting myths, Tiffiny adds: ‘Some people say that it has fat-burning properties in it – I personally wouldn’t go that far – but I do find that it is good for my gut health. Also, I really notice a difference if I don’t have it, especially with my digestion.’

Switching up a diet from the ground up can be overwhelming and intimidating, as we all know. So, Triple White asked the star for her hot tips when it comes to easing into a more health-conscious routine.
‘I think people get very overwhelmed by thinking they have to overhaul their entire meal plan,’ she says. ‘I would break it down and just focus on a healthy breakfast for the first week. I’d suggest finding a healthy breakfast that you really love – oats, eggs, toast whatever it may be – and commit to that one meal.’
After mastering the first week, Tiffiny says: ‘The next week, focus on a healthy lunch. Once again, find something that you love that is healthy and nutritious and stick with it for the entire week. This way, it’s not overwhelming.’
Her hot tip? ‘I’d also suggest upping hydration. Water is really important because if you’re thirsty, people often mistake this for hunger and overindulge. Constantly hydrating helps to regulate your appetite and will stop you from snacking as much, which is really important.’
And while diet is important, Tiffiny also emphasises the importance on movement. ‘Also, don’t disregard movement,’ she shares. Adding: ‘People always focus on training but really it’s about movement. Even if you’re just trying to integrate some accidental movement – such as taking the stairs at work instead of the lift.’
‘Movement also regulates your appetite, your digestion, circulation of oxygen to your brain, your mood, stress levels – everything,’ she shares.
‘Don’t start by thinking you’re going to do a hard session, start by integrating movement into your daily routine. Like anything in life, you do need a plan and I’d recommend getting an expert to help and guide you.’

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Caption this 😂 We're looking at…

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