4 tips for making money on Instagram

You don't need as many followers as you think!

By Jess Arrowsmith • 2 years ago • CAREER


Good news just in: you don’t need a massive following to be profitable on social media. When it comes to collaborating with brands, a hugely important factor is likemindedness, not so much the numbers.

But how do you stand out against the masses of perfectly curated Instagram feeds? And what are the accounts taking the internet by storm doing so damn right? Below, 4 tips for making money on Instagram.


1. Focus on your niche

Only post about topics you’re passionate about. Pick something that suits your personality to ensure everything you post is genuine, making it more likely for people to engage with your page.

The broader the content you post, the less niche your audience will become. For instance, if you’re interested in working with make-up brands, make sure the majority of your content is specifically make-up focused. Your goal is to build an audience that is interested in the topics you are posting.

Tip: Ask yourself: Would I follow my own account? Hopefully the answer is yes and if so, ask yourself why?


2. Be active

To be a successful influencer, it is important for you to be active and up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry of expertise. You need to be posting frequently, like the comments you receive, engage and respond to your audience and make them feel like you are both accessible and relatable. In other words, become their friend and get to know them.



3. Take pride in your posts

If you want people to engage in your posts, the content needs to be aesthetically pleasing and visually enjoyable. If you’re a food-based account, you need to post food that looks appealing, while keeping the content relevant to your audience.

Tip: To brighten your snaps and add an overall feel to your feed, use picture editing apps for consistency.


4. Hashtag with purpose and tag your location

Posting relevant hashtags is vital as they enable your content to be found by other Instagram users. Think of them like a ‘folder’ – if you hashtag ‘#healthy’, other health-related shots will appear in that same hashtag ‘folder’. This makes it easier for like-minded people to find and follow you.

Also, if you’re at a cafe or shop that you know your followers may like, make sure to tag and add the location so they can look up where it is and try it out themselves.

Tip: Try not to post more than five hashtags on the post itself to avoid coming across spam-like.


To help validate your audience and build a strong social network, Q-83 is a helpful new tool taking centre stage. Designed to help get your foot in the door with brands regardless of your Instagram following, the platform also allows you to work with brands directly, without requiring an agent. Win-win!


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