4 exercises every woman should do for long, lean muscles, according to a Victoria’s Secret trainer

The best part? You can do them all at home!

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Almost every woman we’ve ever spoken to on the topic of exercise goals says the same thing: they want a long, lean look (no bulkiness, please) that’s strong all over (especially in the boo-tay).

Andrea Rogers, founder of Xtend Barre and former professional dancer, is more than familiar with this goal, having coached hundreds of women, including Victoria’s Secret Angels, to achieve the lean-limbed look through her unique workouts based on the fundamentals of Pilates and flair of dance.

Put simply, she’s kinda become the go-to trainer for getting that ballet-beautiful body!

Curious to find out what it takes to train like an Angel, we caught up with Andrea to learn how she gets them runway ready, why barre workouts are great for women and which at-home moves will give us those long, lean muscles – angel wings aside!

Why do the VS models love Xtend Barre workouts and what sort of weekly routine do you create for them before the big show?

I think Victoria’s Secret models love the Xtend Barre workout because no other workout combines grace and athleticism like we do.

These women want to feel strong and capable – but they also want to feel elegant and graceful as well.

Xtend Barre helps them feel both! By combining traditional Pilates methods with ballet and high energy cardio, the workout is designed to sculpt bodies into lean, strong, ‘dancer like’ physiques.

In the lead up to a big show, we increase the intensity of training by adding things like ankle weights, dumbbells and resistance bands.

Andrea trains Victoria's Secret Model Martha Hunt
NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 18: Andrea trains Victoria’s Secret Model Martha Hunt at the Train Like An Angel event. Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret

Why do you think barre workouts are so beneficial for women in particular?

Barre workouts engage your whole body. Xtend Barre helps you to develop long and lean muscles, increases your flexibility, encourages healthy emotional and mental health. It also improves your posture and body alignment.

The best part, is, you don’t need experience! All women, no matter your age or your fitness level, will benefit from a barre workout.

There’s also something extremely special about working out with a community and being in a group of women all motivating and empowering each other.

How do you create a well-rounded barre workout at home?

One of the best parts about Xtend Barre is that you don’t need a ton of equipment to do the exercises at home or on holidays.

Sure, you won’t get the same in-class experience but you can keep up the workout you love with just your body, a mat and a chair when you need to!

To create a well-rounded barre workout, pick at least three different exercises that work different areas of the body – think Pliés for your legs and boots, planks for those abs and core and flash trick steps (a twist on traditional burpees) for a full body burn!

In saying that, here are four barre exercises women should do for that long, lean, Angel look:

4 barre exercises women should do for long, lean muscles

1. Tricep dip with leg circle 

Tricep dips are fantastic for upper body toning and adding an extra lower body movement will seriously challenge your core as well – hello abs! Best of all – this is an exercise women can do anywhere.

Exercises women should do, according to Victoria's Secret model trainer Andrea Rogers

How to:

  1. With your hands and feet firmly on the ground, push yourself up from a seated position.
  2. Bend your elbows an inch to dip your body down while lifting your right foot off the ground towards the ceiling and draw a circle with your foot.
  3. Return your right foot to floor and straighten arms.

2. Chair plié 

Chair pliés are perfect for really isolating the challenge to your quads and focusing on your thighs.

Exercises women should do, according to Victoria's Secret model trainer Andrea Rogers

How to:

  1. Stand close to the barre and rise up on balls of your feet.
  2. Bend your knees to sit back like you are sitting in a chair. Your arms should be straight, and shoulders anchored as you sit into to the plié.
  3. Return to standing position.

3. Hover lunge 

This exercise is a secret weapon for women wanting to tone and sculpt long and lean legs.

Exercises women should do, according to Victoria's Secret model trainer Andrea Rogers

How to:

  1. Bend one knee behind you, lining it up with the other knee as your start and finish position. Keep a soft bend in the supporting knee for your start and finish position.
  2. Then, sit your body weight back making a strong angle behind the front knee while thinking of pressing the wall with your back foot.
  3. Next, squeeze your glute and press through the supporting heel as you bring yourself back up to standing position.

4. Fold overs 

The fold over is a signature Xtend Barre exercise and a serious booty burner!

Exercises women should do, according to Victoria's Secret model trainer Andrea Rogers

How to:

  1. Stand facing the barre with your legs and feet together in parallel.
  2. Forward fold at the waist, placing your hands on the barre (windowsill or other flat surface!), shoulder width apart.
  3. Keep your eyes on the floor. Before you begin the exercise, make sure your toes are underneath your navel and your heels underneath your hips.
  4. Take a soft bend in both knees, and keep your legs firmly pressed together.
  5. Step one leg back behind you reaching long so that your pointed toe is in line with your hip, and tuck your toe under so your pedicure faces the floor.
  6. Keep your supporting knee bent and supporting your heel on the floor (lift heel to advance), and lift your back leg to your potential. Your potential is where you can lift your leg straight behind you and feel your glute engage, while maintaining a neutral spine. If you have to arch your back, you’re lifting your leg too high.
  7. Lift and lower your leg, tapping your toe to the floor each time to release your glute and lifting back up to your potential to squeeze and engage it. Repeat 8 – 16 times.
  8. Hold your leg lifted at potential and pulse up. Repeat 8 x 16 times.
  9. Repeat on the other leg!

Want to try an Xtend Barre workout yourself? Head to www.xtendbarre.com.au to find your nearest location!

About Andrea
@andreaxtendbarre | www.xtendbarre.com.au

At the age of 18, Andrea Rogers began her life as a dancer. Her workout routine consisted of dancing seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. Looking to add an extra element of conditioning to her routine, she began practicing, and then teaching Pilates. Andrea recognised the opportunity to combine her experience in Pilates with her background in and passion for dance, and created Xtend Barre: a full-body workout that focuses on fusing cardio-driven choreography with exercises meant to condition. There are now 22 studios in Australia and 40 globally, with the the franchise rapidly growing.


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