Move over, Aperol Spritz, ‘Conscious Cocktails’ are the new ‘It’ drinks in town

Plus, a delish recipe to make this Insta-worthy elixir at home!

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As Heidi Klum would say, “One day you’re in; the next day, you’re out.”

Sure, she was talking about quivering fashion designers-to-be, but she could have easily been describing something a little closer to home: the humble Aperol Spritz.

Ok, ok, we’re exaggerating. The beloved Italian-summer-in-a-glass is very much here to stay. However, as word would have it, there’s definitely a new beverage on the scene.

Enter: ‘Conscious Cocktails’ a.k.a. gorgeous dranks with a zero-guilt, wellness twist.

Think: No sugar, no nasties – just all natural goodness designed to help your body, rather than hinder it.

The sound you just heard was Gwyneth Paltrow high-fiving herself.


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Introducing the Jessica Rabbit 🥕 Certain to put a hop in your step. White rum, fresh carrot juice, lemon, house-made honey syrup. 🐰

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Sounds too good to be true? We called on the OG behind the trend to learn more about the uplift in wellness drinks.

“It is absolutely possible to make conscious, healthy choices AND enjoy a party. Healthy fun does not have to be an oxymoron,” says Shannon Rosie Barge, clinical nutritionist, founder of Rosie’s Coogee restaurant and the force behind the rising popularity in Conscious Cocktails.

“We are all so conscious about the foods we eat, so why is that approach not applied to what we drink? Why do we zen out with yoga, gulp down green juices and steam all that salmon and kale during the week, yet once Friday comes around it all goes out the window and we reach for sugary cocktails – as if alcohol falls under different rules? This makes no sense at all. This is why I created Conscious Cocktails.”

Keen to try it for yourself? If you’re in Sydney, head on over to Rosie’s Coogee or if at-home-kickin’-it is more your thing, you’ll love this delish recipe by Shannon below:

‘Fresh As F*#k’ Conscious Cocktails Recipe

Sweet and sexy lychee meets the antioxidant punch from fresh basil. Basil is a natural immune boosting adaptogen, a herbal medicine that helps your body to better handle stress. This little green leaf has a positive effect on your brain by stimulating the neurotransmitters that regulate your ‘happy hormones’. So, cheers to that!

You’ll need:

45mls white rum
5 fresh lychees
1 sprig basil
20mls fresh lime juice
Pinch black pepper (optional)

Let’s Mix:

1. Place all ingredients in a blender with 1 cup of ice cubes.
2. Blend until smooth.
3. Pour into glass and garnish with a pinch of pepper and salt, basil sprig and a lychee.

How to make your cocktails more conscious?

Can’t always afford to get your drink on out’n’about? Check out Shannon’s tips below to give your homemade drinks the Conscious Cocktail twist:

  • Take out the nasties and replace them with nutritious medicinal boosters. Small changes make a big difference. Mitigate any potential damage by removing the toxic ingredients and replacing them with some badass superfoods.
  • Ditch the sugar. Generic cocktails are made using simple syrup. Conscious Cocktails most certainly are not. Cocktail syrup is made from equal parts sugar (the white additive we love and loathe) and water and has absolutely ZERO nutritional value.

  • As a simple rule, always choose natural sweeteners over processed. I also advise avoiding agave, white sugar, brown sugar, simple sugar, aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet), sucralose (Splenda) and any other artificial sweeteners.
  • Conscious Cocktails keeps it simple with only the classics – Vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whisky, sparkling and wines.

Want to try the original Conscious Cocktail? Head to Rosie’s Coogee and follow them @rosiescoogee to see more!


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