How often do you REALLY need to work out to see results?

The girls from Keep It Cleaner talk us through it!

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Something we always get asked is ‘how many days a week should you work out’ to get the best results?

There are many factors at play here but in short, you should be moving your body every day in some capacity, working out a minimum of three times a week and taking at least one recovery day.

Now for the long (but necessary) version of that…

Exercising your muscles, stretching them, working them, challenging them isn’t just about burning calories.

It’s about working toward better mobility, improved coordination, higher energy levels – the list goes on and on!

While there’s no magic number (this will vary from person to person), it goes without saying that you should be using your body and staying active every day of the week (you can’t make up for a week of no exercise with one three hour sesh!).

When it comes to the duration of each sesh, actually, for optimum results it’s not so much about how long you workout for but what type of exercise you do.

Here’s everything you need to know to plan out your own week’s workout routine – seven days in seven points!:

7 factors that determine how often you should be working out


We aren’t all aiming for the same end product. Whether you’re wanting to build muscle, shred, tone, increase your cardio fitness – your results and how many days or hours per week you exercise are going to depend strongly on what your end goal is.

Figuring out your goals is the first step and figuring out how many days or hours per week you need to exercise.

Short & sweet

Trading in the long steady cardio for more frequent but shorter high intensity workouts not only gets you awesome results but it’s also way more manageable. This means you’re more likely to stay on track!

The more you can make exercise a part of your lifestyle the more long-term results you’re going to see. In saying that, combining this with the right type of exercise is vital. Read on!

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Interval training

Want quicker results but want to train less? Go for some interval training like interval running or HIIT (made up of short and intense bursts of exercises paired with intervals of quick rests).

This form of exercise gives your metabolism a good kick in the butt making it more effective than a looonngg and consistent gym sesh or jog. In fact, your body will continue to burn calories even hours after a solid HIIT sesh!

Variety is key

No matter how many days a week you work out, variety plays a large role in getting the best results.

We’re both constantly changing up our routine to work different muscle groups, find things that challenge us, and keep our bodies guessing – which in turn keeps us motivated!

Try a zumba class, set yourself some weights goals, or even make yourself an awesome running playlist and take it to the streets.


Did you know that in the hours following a weights sesh your body continues to use up calories? This comes from building more muscle, and muscle burns more calories when resting.

Trying to make sure that I incorporate at least one strength session in a week with @djkfitness as I tend to skip our #kicgirls strength days! Never intentionally … I think I just naturally prefer the other days so now locking in one day a week with Dan is keeping me accountable! Strength exercises are so important and if your goal is to look leaner or loose weight then the more muscle mass you have the more fat you will burn! Of course we all put on muscle differently and look different when we do different types of training – but I think it’s important to have a mixture of different training styles in your routine so that you can learn what your body responds well to! And personally mine responds best to a wide variety! I look and feel my best when I have a bit of everything in my routine and that is why I love #kicgirls! Because it’s exactly that. 👊🏻

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Add some weight training into your usual workout routine by working with a trainer at your gym or using a program like KIC. Keep in mind, the harder you sweat it, the more calories you burn after!

Body types

Everyone is born with their very own body shape. From Kim to Kendall, ‘Yonce to Adele or JLaw to Miley; busty, lanky, muscle-y, wobbly – the list literally goes on forever!

These different body types respond to exercise differently – including workout frequency! Make sure you experiment with what works best for you.

Rest up

Giving your muscles time to recover is crucial for getting results. Always listen to your body and allow yourself a day of rest.

This may mean going for a power walk with a friend, or taking a quick dip at the beach. Stay active, but don’t push yourself.

Live clean, find some balance and listen to your beautiful bod – it knows what’s up.

Words by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, founders of

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