Rachael Finch reveals the 5 things she does every night before bed

Plus, why we can all benefit from a bedtime routine!

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What you do in the 60-120 minutes leading up to bed time can have a dramatic effect on not only your sleep but how the next day turns out. A good night of sleep will enable your body to repair and restore as it needs, therefore setting an effective routine before bed is key.

Ninety percent of the time I follow the regime below, but there are nights it doesn’t go to plan due to being out for work events . The key is consistency. When you find something that works, stick to it:

Rachael Finch’s night-time routine

Rachael Finch

At 6:00 pm

I eat dinner at least two hours before bed. This allows my body to digest food properly which means it shouldn’t disturb my sleep patterns.

If I’m really hungry, I’ll have another small snack by 7.30 PM. This could be a bliss ball from my program BODY By Finch or some avocado on rice cakes with sea salt.

At 6.30pm

Bath and bottle for Dom. I love this time with him. He loves the water and feels so much more relaxed after. We sing songs and have lots of cuddles.

At 7:00 pm

I like to switch off all technology and devices by 7. If Michael or Violet are watching TV, I put on my blue blocker glasses to omit any harmful blue light from screens.

Occasionally, I am on my phone a little later than this but I’ll be doing something that doesn’t require too much thinking!

At 8:00 pm

I floss and brush my teeth, apply and/or diffuse essential oils and spend 30-60mins reading in bed.

I like diffusing lavender for bedtime, mainly because it’s incredibly calming, but lately I’ve been adding the doTERRA ‘On Guard’ to my body oil and rubbing into my skin.

‘On Guard’ is great for keeping viruses and bugs at bay, especially over winter. I’m currently reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. I enjoy self-help and spiritual books the most.

8.30pm – 9pm

Five mins of stretching on top of my bed, then lights out. I have a salt lamp next to my bed which is the last thing I turn off. My stretching is very basic and I simply do what I feel I need.

Words by Rachael Finch, founder of BODY BY FINCH

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