The 7 exercises Rachael Finch swears by to stay in shape

P.S. No weights neccessary!

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My favourite types of exercises are those that are more functional based, which use multiple muscle groups and don’t require any equipment. I like being able to get up in the morning, turn the music on and do my workout on my balcony or in my lounge room. There are so many exercises that you can choose to incorporate into one session to get maximum results:

The 7 exercises I swear by to stay in shape:

1. Plyometric exercises

Bounds, leaps, jump squats, or any explosive movement. These are amazing for building power and strength and you don’t need to be a professional athlete to incorporate them into your routine.

2. Any punch variations or combos

Think: jab, jab, upper cut, upper cut – repeat! Punch based exercises are brilliant for toning the arms and even developing core strength. I also like them because they’re fun to do and it makes me feel like a boxer for a few minutes!

3. High knees

A simple but effective exercise. Designed to get the heart rate up, I love getting back to my days on the athletics track and going for it. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity though, you’ll be sweating before you know it.

4. Push ups

A great upper body exercise that gets me every time. I started out doing push ups on my knees and have worked up to being able to do them on my toes. They can always be modified with different hand placement depending on your goals.

5. Lateral lunges

I love this exercise for the results it gives on my glutes and inner thighs. Every time I include these in a session I’m sore the next day!

6. Tricep dips

Can be done even in the most unusual places! In the park, on a chair at the airport, on the side of the bed. I love them because they tone the back of the arms and you can modify the exercise to make them more or less challenging.

7. Mountain climbers

These babies are a great full body exercise that build both muscular and cardiovascular strength. They can be sped up or slowed down depending on what you’re wanting to achieve within the workout.

Words by Rachael Finch, founder of BODY By Finch and B.O.D By Finch


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