Eyebrow tattooing 101: Everything you need to know before you take the plunge

Expert advice from celebrity brow artist, Sharon Lee.

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Overplucked your eyebrows in the 90s (didn’t we all!) and now you’re trying to grow them out but your brows have other ideas? Yep, we feel ya. Fortunately today, eyebrow tattooing (also known as microblading or feathering) is a brilliant option for bringing your brows back to life.

However, like with anything permanent – there are a few things to consider before taking the brow tattooing plunge.

So, whether you’re after a little ink to revive your too-thin look of yesteryear or just want to fill them out a little, we called upon celebrity brow artist Sharon Lee to give us the breakdown on what to know before you you book and when you go:

Before you book your eyebrow tattooing appointment:

1. Do your research

Look at online reviews, scrutinise social media pics and reassure yourself they are not photoshopped etc. Ask your friends, your hairdresser, those in the know or anyone who has had them done before about what to expect, would they recommend where they went. There are so many different options out there. Good to see first hand on the faces of people online and those you know.

2. Book in for a consultation before getting it done permanently

At Sharon Lee Inc, we always do consultations with our clients, we often recommend Henna Brows first to understand the shape or draw them on and ask them to come back in a week after they have looked at the shape and feel completely comfortable.


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3. Understand just how permanent or semi-permanent your brows are going to be

There are many options these days from micro blading to strokes (often known as feathering) etc. Be clear on what style the therapist is doing and what the ongoing upkeep is, the downtime, costs involved and overall what the overlook will be.

4. Know that when you get them done first they will look different in a year

All too often see people who had tattooing done and it has bled and isn’t fine strokes. This is based on the ink/pigment and method used. Itis important to understand this and always have them show you photos of what it will look like straight after verses in a year.

5. Know what result you want

Gather magazine clippings or old pics of yourself where you liked your brows. Don’t be talked into something you don’t want. Get informed. Be clear on your desired result.


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Frequently asked questions:

Will I need a touch up?

Yes, usually spaced between 3 – 6 weeks apart depending on the eyebrow artists recommendations and skin type.

How long will it last?

Ten to twelve months, but everyone’s skin is different, but you will be the first to know you’re feeling faded.

Is it expensive?

Depending on where you go prices from $800 upwards BUT remember you are paying for the experience and it is a semi-permanent procedure so best to do your research and know what you are in for.

There are so many different service options – be sure to know what your artist does and what that looks like!

Finally decided to get them done? Keep this in mind:

1. It may be uncomfortable, BUT…

We will always do our best to ease any discomfort using hospital grade anaesthetic cream. Once the work is done it is important to let the area heal. we give our clients an at-home after care kit and clear instructions on use and are available on phone, email and live chat if needed. If ever concerned talk to your eyebrow therapist to ensure best results.

2. You will need a top up

One appointment generally is enough as the line has been created already and we’re merely adding back all the detail. At Sharon Lee Inc we suggest 10-12-month annual top ups.

3. Freshen your hair colour just prior to your first visit

Do this so your Artist can colour match your brows perfectly. I like to use multiple pigments to ensure a natural-looking result and nothing monochromatic.

4. Think about your lashes during the process of anything long lasting

You will feel you’re all eyebrows and a little self-conscious so it’s a good idea to opt for a Lash Lift or even some extensions, so the focus is more the eyes and not just the brows.

5. Don’t freak out after your first appointment

Generally, we say after 4 days it will lighten by 50% which is something to keep in mind and also why it is important to do your aftercare.

About Sharon Lee
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Hailed as the eyebrow scientist, proclaimed “brow guru” and “Australia’s leading eyebrow artist”, Sharon Lee has developed a name that speaks volumes, and deservedly so.With over 20 years in the industry, Sharon Lee has taken the humble eyebrow wax to new heights, making her artistry unrivalled by any other brow artist in the industry. Sharon’s expertise has developed her devout passion for creating the perfect brow to compliment and accentuate all individual facial features. Sharon Lee has earned herself an impressive portfolio of clients ranging from politicians to celebrities, and everyone in between, working on the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby Maguire and members of One Direction.

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