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If we had to describe Kelsey Wells in just three words, they would have to be: Fit (yep, goes without saying), fierce (her discipline is out of this world) and BFF material (ok, that is technically two words, but it’s true!). A truly positive spirit, SWEAT trainer and mother, this gal is pretty much the definition of #goals. Keen to steal just a few of her tips and tricks for getting fit and eating well, we caught up with Kelsey to talk all things food-meets-fitness, from her day on a plate to beating the bloat:

How would you best describe your health philosophy when it comes to food?

With everything I do, I try to ensure that it comes from a place of positivity. I really try to focus on three things: balance, consistency and having everything in moderation. I don’t believe in restrictive diets as this puts too much pressure on ourselves. At the end of the day, aim to have a healthy and balanced diet but know that it’s ok to slip up every now and then and don’t be too hard on yourself when you do.

Talk us through your typical day on a plate (snacks and all!):

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs filled with vegetables and vegetarian sausage.
Mid morning snack – Protein shake after workout.
Lunch – I keep it simple because I’m always busy, usually it’s a chicken salad.
Afternoon snack – Typically a cheese stick with veggies and hummus.
Dinner – Crock pot meals, a chilli con carne in the winter or a shredded chicken with veggies.
Dessert– Fruit with almond butter or greek yoghurt.

Is there anything that you just don’t eat?

The only thing I will never eat is peanuts – because I am severely allergic.

What’s your ultimate “guilty pleasure” treat?

My son Anderson loves donuts! So Sunday in our household is ‘Sunday family donut funday’.

Do you have any tips around eating well while travelling?

My top four tips around eating well while travelling would be:

1. Reach for less processed options – Make healthy choices where you can and consume nutritious rich foods. Avoid sugary drinks or food, you can find healthier options or alternatives almost anywhere you go these days.
2. Make sure that you don’t go hungry – Bring snacks with you when you’re on the go, such as fresh fruit or veggie sticks and hummus. It’s really important to remember to eat regularly and not let yourself starve.
3. Keep hydrated – When you travel, your body needs even more water than it normally does. Staying hydrated will also help with overeating and help keep you energised.
4. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself – If you’re travelling for vacation, have the foods that you want in moderation and don’t feel guilty!

We have to know: What’s your number one trick for beating the bloat?

The feeling of being bloated can be really uncomfortable. To try and beat that bloated feeling, my top tip would be to keep hydrated. When you’re dehydrated your body retains water, so sipping on water consistently can actually reduce water retention and the feeling of being bloated.

Secondly, be aware of food any intolerances you may have. Be mindful of your body and your digestion, if there are certain foods that upset your stomach and make you feel bloated try and find alternatives.

Which foods do you find best support your energy levels and active life and which ones slow you down?

Whole, rich and nutritious foods really support my energy levels and active lifestyle. So, foods like fruit, vegetables and whole grains are going to give you the energy that you need.
Any foods that are deep fried, overly processed or high in sugar are going to slow you down.

I recently helped my friend pick out an outfit for her 11 year old daughter, and yesterday she showed me a photo of her daughter wearing the outfit and flexing. I didn’t think anything of it (besides that she was darling☺) and my friend said “ya know, I have to tell you. I have never seen my daughter flex for a photo, and after I took it I asked her why she wanted to pose like that. She told me without hesitating “because I want to show Kelsey how strong I am!” . I am very conscious of the things I post, so hearing that I am inspiring an 11 year old girl to be STRONG and feel confident, above anything else, was one of the highest compliments I have ever received. It also made my heart so damn happy to think that I may actually be making a difference on my mission to help change the narrative for the younger generation from an emphasis of wanting to “be thin” (as I grew up with), to wanting to be STRONG. Because strong looks different on EVERYBODY. Strong and healthy from the inside out — that’s what it’s about babes.🖤😌💪🏼 www.kelseywells.com/app . #pwr #pwrprogram #kelseywellspwr

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If you could eat only one type of cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is a very hard question because I love pretty much all food. But if I had to choose, it would be Mexican.

Any go-to comfort foods?

My mums home-made roast – nothing beats it! Full of vegetables, potatoes, roast beef, home-made gravy – my ultimate comfort food.

If we were to open your pantry right now, what three items are we guaranteed to find?

1. Oats
2. Almond butter
3. My favourite protein powder

Time for our rapid-fire round! Please answer or complete the following questions:

Coconut oil or avocados? Avocados
I can’t stop listening to… Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes
It’s sort of embarrassing, but I am obsessed with…The Greatest Showman movie.
I can’t go a day without… Quality time with my son and husband.
Tea or coffee? Coffee…iced lattes all the way!
If I could be any animal, I would be… A dolphin – they’re my favourite and I love the water.

Connect with Kelsey: @kesleywells | www.kelseywells.com

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