Steph Claire Smith’s go-to 5 minute HIIT workout

Five moves. Five minutes. You got this.

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It’s no secret I work out a lot. But like anyone, I don’t always have the time (or the energy!) for a big gym sesh. I’m a big believer in listening to your body and finding exercise that fits into your life, not the other way around.

My go-to on a busy day (i.e. most days!) is usually a workout from mine and Laura’s fitness program, KIC. All the workouts are a quick 20 minutes of either boxing, HIIT or strength. We’ve tried to make exercise simple for our KIC girls so that no matter what, they can find a way to be active. But when life is all go, go, go, sometimes even that is too much.

The key is to lead an overall active lifestyle so you don’t lose momentum. Take the stairs, walk to the train station, do some stretching. For me, walking my dog Ari always gets me out of the house. And when I’m really pressed for time I smash out a quick five minutes of HIIT to get my blood pumping. Give it a go next time you’re pressed for time or needing a little energy boost.

Here’s my quick 5-minute HIIT session that’s a sure fire way to get that body moving!

Do each exercise for a full 45 seconds and then break for 15 seconds after each one and then straight into the next for 45 seconds until you’re done. And, trust me, you’ll be cooked!

High knees

45 seconds on, 15 seconds off

Let’s get your heart pumping straight away with high knees. Imagine you’re an Olympic sprinter and you’re powering down the track. Keep your back straight, your eyes straight ahead, and power those legs up as high as possible, one at a time. This is a great workout for your whole body, especially your quads and glutes. Make sure you lock in your core throughout.

Steph Claire Smith - 5 Minute HIIT workout

Kneeling jab cross

45 seconds on, 15 seconds off

Come down to your knees now and we’re going to box it out. We’re going to start with a jab (using your left fist) and then a cross (right fist). Make sure you’re punching through using your shoulders and pull the punch as if you’ve connected with a punching bag. Follow through with your next punch and keep going for 45 seconds. You’ll feel this through your obliques, too, so make sure you engage your core.

Steph Claire Smith - 5 Minute HIIT workout

Squat hold with hooks

45 seconds on, 15 seconds off

Come up off your knees and into the squat position. To get the most out of your squat, put your feet about shoulder-width apart and sit back as if sitting in a chair. Lock in that core and push out through your feet to activate your glutes. Now hold it. Start smashing out some hooks commencing with your dominant side by bringing your arms to about 90 degrees to your shoulders. Punch through from your shoulder blades and pull the punch as if connecting. Keep going for 45 seconds and enjoy that burn.

Steph Claire Smith - 5 Minute HIIT workout

Squat jump

45 seconds on, 15 seconds off

Are your glutes letting you know they’re there after the squat hold? I bet they are. Time to show them who’s the boss by smashing out some squat jumps. After your 15 second break, go back to the squat position and launch yourself up, making sure you come down to the ground gently and then back into the squat position and doing it all over again and repeating for 45 seconds. This is a dynamic launch so imagine yourself like a rocket going into space. And keep imagining for every single launch.

Steph Claire Smith - 5 Minute HIIT workout

Mountain climbers

45 seconds on, 15 seconds off

Last round now and you’re almost there! Down to the ground into the plank position by keeping your back straight. Draw in your belly button to your spine to tie in that core and hold it. Holding steady with your shoulders, bring your right knee towards your right wrist and return. Repeat with your left knee to your left wrist before going back to right leg. Go as fast as possible for 45 seconds alternating between right and left.

Steph Claire Smith - 5 Minute HIIT workout

Words by Steph Claire Smith, co-founder of

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