Rachael Finch on how motherhood taught her to respect her body

"When you see it go through such changes like pregnancy...it truly shifts you."

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It’s amazing how it only takes one major event in life to completely change your outlook on something. For fitness expert and businesswoman Rachael Finch, that one event, was motherhood.

Well-known for her fitness program and activewear line B.O.D by Finch, the newly certified personal trainer and busy mum to five-year-old Violet and two-year-old Dominic credits becoming a mum with completely changing her views on health, a message and lifestyle she hopes to pass onto her children and to her legions of followers.

Keen to learn more from the face of Stylerunner’s new Mini Me Sneaker Collection (alongside the adorable Violet and Dominic!) in the lead-up to Mother’s Day, we caught up with Rachael to talk motherhood, getting fussy kids to eat healthy and what she wishes the fitness industry would talk about more:

First of all, congratulations on becoming a certified personal trainer! What has been the most challenging part of your fitness journey thus far?

Thank you! It’s definitely been a fun journey learning more about my body and how to train others. I’ve personally trained for triathlons and worked to find the best weekly workout formula for the program, but a challenging phase in my journey that stands out was getting my fitness levels back after giving birth. I took it at a slow pace and listened to my body, but when you aren’t sleeping much and have a new little angel in your arms, it makes it much harder to achieve your fitness goals. The biggest thing I learnt from this – be kind to yourself, always trust your body knows best and do what works for you!

Rachael Finch x Stylerunner mini-me collection

As a businesswoman and a busy mum of two, what is your key to finding balance and are there any things you won’t compromise on?

Every day I’m working to ensure I stay feeling balanced and whole. At home, we’ve developed somewhat of a routine to help us manage the balancing act! We like to get outside in the morning to start the day, followed by some type of exercise or movement. The majority of our work is done in the middle of the day while Dominic naps and then it’s back outside at the end of the day for fresh air and more play time. Not every day works like this, but it’s a good plan to follow. I also aim to get time on my own and time with just Misha as this is so important for our relationship. I never compromise on family or self-care. Preparing healthy meals, moving our bodies, doing fun things together and taking time to do things I enjoy are very important.

How has having children changed your approach to health?

It’s taught me to respect my body even more and be grateful for just what it’s capable of. When you see it go through such changes like pregnancy and to then see a tiny human come out of it, it truly shifts you. In the past I may have had more of an ‘aesthetic’ approach to health and fitness – concerned more with how something made me look – but as a Mum it’s more important for me to have energy, feel good, build my self-confidence and pass that on to my children.

Rachael Finch x Stylerunner Mini-Me Collection

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Do you have any special plans?

I’ll be walking in the Mother’s Day Classic to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. Then hopefully we’ll be going to one of my fave cafes for a delicious brunch!

What’s something you’ve learnt from your mother that you would want to pass onto your children?

Mum is one of the most compassionate people I know. She would take off the shirt from her back to give to someone who needed it more, even if it were her last. She taught me the importance of kindness through her actions and it’s something I’ll never forget.

Rachael Finch x Stylerunner Mini-Me Collection

Kids are known for being notoriously fussy eaters. Do you have any tips on how to teach children about healthy eating?

Get them involved in the kitchen and make it fun! If I put down a bowl of bananas and strawberries for Violet she is less likely to finish, than if I thread the fruit pieces on a wooden skewer. It’s a game for her. She also loves helping me make our morning smoothie in the kitchen – pouring in ingredients and pressing the ‘on’ button when it’s time. We talk to her about ‘why’ we’re eating healthy food and what it does to our body. She wants her “hair to grow to the ground like Rapunzel” so she needs to eat her veggies!

We’re in desperate need of some foodie inspo! What’s been on the dinner table in your house lately?

Macro bowls are the way to go! Easy, quick and you can pick and choose what you want to build it with and use up those ingredients in the fridge. One of my faves includes, roasted sweet potato, grilled chicken thighs, sautéed greens, fermented vegetables and olives, topped with seed crackers.

Rachael Finch x Stylerunner Mini-Me Collection

If we opened your pantry right now, what are three things we would be guaranteed to find?

Melrose nut butters, coconut oil & seed crackers.

What’s something you wish the fitness industry would talk about more?

Anxiety and stress as a result of incorrect food choices or over-loaded schedules! In this day and age, I think it’s more important than ever to slow the mind and find more space for the ‘present’. Our days are packed to the brim with meetings, appointments, kids, running businesses, technology and more. We are seeing increased rates of mental illnesses and I think it’s important to implement more stillness into our days. On top of this, we are then eating poorly due to stress which is contributing to the problem.

Rachael Finch x Stylerunner Mini-Me Collection

Your activewear line is flourishing and you recently launched your fitness program, BODY BY FINCH. What’s next on the horizon for Rachael Finch?

I am so passionate about what we have on offer on BODY BY FINCH. Our community is growing and I feel I have a lot of other women like me who are trying to juggle multiple tasks in life and stay healthy at the same time! Our goal is to make things easy so you can get your workouts in, practice meditation for your mind, and prepare healthy food without using up too much time. It would be a dream to see women right across the world enjoying the program and becoming happier, healthier and stronger!

Time for our rapid-fire round! Please finish the following sentences:

It’s sort of embarrassing but I’m currently obsessed with… astrology
My dream holiday destination is… anywhere with a beach
I can’t stop listening to… The Tim Ferriss Show podcast
My “guilty” pleasure treat is… dark chocolate
I love to binge watch… Instagram stories or lives from around the world

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